The BlackBerry Security Summit event will be held on Tuesday July 29th, in New York City

BlackBerry Security Summit

As announced by John Chen during the earnings call just last month, the BlackBerry Security Summit event will take place in New York on Tuesday, July 29th at the The Museum of Arts and Design to address the current situation and trends in secure … [Continue reading]

Are you sure about that? BlackBerry Fact Check’s CEO’s of MobileIron and Good Technology

Are You Sure

CEO's don't have the easiest job, especially when they get asked questions they'd rather not answer right away. However, such is life and questions require answering. However, what happens when you state the wrong facts about your competitor? You'll … [Continue reading]

BlackBerry Passport shown off running Android apps including Instagram and 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Passport

As we get closer to September day by day, more information is coming out of the woodwork surrounding BlackBerry’s upcoming, latest flagship, the BlackBerry Passport. This time, the device has been spotted running Android apps such as Instagram and … [Continue reading]

BlackBerry Fact Check – BlackBerry 10 vs Apple’s iOS 8 for Enterprises


During Apple's WWDC event, Apple unveiled iOS 8. Whilst doing so, the company did not hold back when discussing features for the enterprise including security, data management and productivity. Whilst that was admirable for 5 minutes, BlackBerry, … [Continue reading]