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BlackBerry Named a Leader in Enterprise Mobile Management by Forrester Research

Here’s a some good news for BlackBerry, it has been named a leader in Enterprise Mobile Management by Forrester Research. BlackBerry was evaluated along with 14 other of the most significant mobile device management vendors. BlackBerry earned the highest score in Strategy as well as Global Presence, and tied for the top ranking in Market Presence, which considers revenue, install base and partners. In addition, BlackBerry received the highest possible score in 12 of the 27 criteria measured by Forrester, including Network Security, Future Vision, and Support. We have the full press release for all of you to check out below.

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BlackBerry’s limited Wi-Fi issue needs to be fixed now

As many of you are aware BlackBerry has been having some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity on BlackBerry 10 devices and honestly, it’s becoming a major issue to a lot of folks. Not only is it bad that we are losing our Wi-Fi capabilities but it could potentially cost someone a serious cash output to their carrier if they don’t notice the connection issue while streaming a movie or downloading a big file in time.

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BBM Cross Platform Expected “Within Days” According To BlackBerry’s CMO

As we all know #BBM4ALL was suppose to launch a few weeks ago but it turned out to be a huge flop (supposedly because of a leaked bar file but I still don’t believe that) which was not taken well from the BlackBerry faithful. Well here’s something that should cheer you up, the latest launch of BBM for Android and iOS may be happening again “within days” according to Frank Boulben, BlackBerry’s chief marketing officer, in an interview with Reuters.

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Why I Chose the BlackBerry Q10 Over My Beloved Z10

As many of you are probably aware I have been sporting around the BlackBerry Z10 since April 29th when Verizon released their pre-orders. The BlackBerry I had before was the 9930 and honestly I wasn’t sure if I could get use to not having the physical keyboard but I decided to give it a try anyhow. Well needless to say I have had no issues (no reboots, no dropped calls, nothing) with the Z10 but in the back of my mind I was missing that great BlackBerry keyboard that I have become use to over the years. Well as of June 13th I now also have the BlackBerry Q10 and I want to give you my thoughts and comparison on a few things.

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The 2013 BlackBerry Elite Live/Jam Experience

Describing BlackBerry Live/Jam 2013 in one word; Phenomenal. This event was like none other I have been involved with. Not only was this my first time ever going to such an event involving BlackBerry, but I was also going to this event as a BlackBerry Elite member. With permission from the Elite program team leaders on-site at BBLive, I am going to highlight the event through my eyes.

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Review: Incipio DualPro Case For The BlackBerry Z10

For the last week, I have been sporting this sharp looking case from Incipio, the DualPro in neon yellow and gray. I have to say that this little case has caused a bit of a stir among my family and friends! Considering I have 7 BlackBerry Z10 cases (to date) I am going into this review with a lot of knowledge about what I like and don’t like, need and don’t need, in a case. So, let’s get started.

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Analysts Reporting Low Z10 Sales? Let’s Not Panic (Yet)

Shortly after the Z10’s launch in Canada and the UK, we heard some very exciting news from BlackBerry — they claimed this was the best product launch they have ever had in each country. However, it seems that financial analysts aren’t quite so confident in these statements, with many of them lowering their sales expectations from pre-launch estimates. Sound worrying? I wouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

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Why BlackBerry World Would Be Much Better With Coupon Codes & Gifting

  I have been wondering why did BlackBerry remove one of my favorite features from BlackBerry World (formerly App World), the ability to gift via BBM. Ronen from over at BerryReview made several valid points that I would agree to. Bringing gifting and coupon codes to BlackBerry World would benefit everyone. I also understand the business side to it, which is sales, sales of apps, games, etc, when the developer makes money so does BlackBerry. BlackBerry has been working very hard to bringing new developers and keeping current developers happy with their 10k developer/commitment program. However there are also missed opportunities pointed out by Ronen that BlackBerry is missing out on in regards to making BlackBerry World better:

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Go With The Flow – BlackBerry 10 Style

BlackBerry released the Z10 in Canada on February 5th. This was their first device built on QNX/BlackBerry 10 and brought innovation to a flat smartphone world. Android and iOS rule the roost in North America and the fight at this time is for third. With 79 million customers worldwide, BlackBerry needs to reaffirm to those users, as well as draw others from their competition. One major step that BlackBerry took was to introduce The Hub, an underlying everything message/notification space that runs underneath everything else. BlackBerry is

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First 10 Hours With A BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Device

Weeks before the launch, I reserved my Z10 with Rogers.  I logged into their website and made sure that I had Black version set aside.  I figured that I had nothing to worry about.  Well I was wrong.  February 5th, 2013 came along and by 9 AM I was texting my local rep to make sure he had my phone ready to go. His reply was not what I wanted to hear. Flashback to 6 days earlier.  The long anticipated launch where everything would be made clear.  Thorsten Heins, CEO of RIM (now BlackBerry) revealed the

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My Take on The Wait for BlackBerry 10

Blackberry is advertising in the Super Bowl. “A Super Bowl commercial is a great opportunity to show the redesigned, re-engineered and reinvented BlackBerry to tens of millions of consumers on the largest advertising stage of the year,” Frank Boulben, RIM’s chief marketing officer. The commercial was created by London-based creative agency AMV BBDO, the same Marketing Company retained  by Guinness for a Spectacular Ad that ran in

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7 Things to Watch For at Tomorrow’s Launch Event

Well, we’ve made it.  A year ago, the blogosphere was in pretty round agreement that RIM was dying, and unlikely to last long enough to introduce its crucial new platform.  Here we are, on the eve of an introduction that has improbably taken on an air of excitement generally only reserved for that “other” fruit company.  Not only has RIM survived a crucial year, they’ve managed to build a level of buzz that is surprising many outside of its enthusiast community. There have been any number of leaks about the Z10 that we will see introduced tomorrow.  We know it’s slated to have competitive specs, a great screen, a keyboard to die for, and a sufficiently-differentiated user interface.  Is there anything left that could possibly be a surprise?  Funny you should ask…

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RIMM’s Wild Ride: Time to Jump Off?

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (Nasdaq:RIMM, TSX:RIM) has definitely seen its share price in motion through the past couple of years.  That share price has nearly tripled in the past four months, but is this more “irrational exuberance”?  Or did that September low of $6.18/share put an unreasonably low value on the company? Disclaimer: yes, I hold RIM stock.  I followed it down and I’m following it back up.  As well, I’m not a

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Decoded: New Samsung Ad Bashes BlackBerry

It seems like trolling is not for the fans alone as Samsung recently released an ad directly bashing the iPhone and especially BlackBerry. The video shows a guy sending emails while watching a game on his Galaxy Note in an effort to highlight the device’s multi-tasking capabilities, that’s great but not when you are appealling to people that get things done. I’d be fired in a heartbeat for watching a game while closing a deal with a high profile client. Check the video and a few more thoughts below.

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Cardboard Cut out of the size of the BlackBerry Z10. One third the size of the BlackBerry Playbook.
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How to “Build your Own BlackBerry Z10″

Hello there fellow nail biters!  I am a Representative of Monitors in Motion who just happens to love the anticipation of the best day of the year- January 30th! Having a hard time imagining your BlackBerry Z10 in your hands?  I got so excited about the following topic I submitted it to Blackberry Empire to share. Here in Abbotsford Canada something snapped. I had such

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