OpenWhatsApp has been submitted to BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices. OpenWhatsapp is a community project which aims to provide an open source WhatsApp client for different platforms such as BlackBerry 10. The main reason OpenWhatsapp started was to allow people who use non-whatsapp-supported devices to have access to the service. It all started in the form of

‘Wazapp'; the WhatsApp client for Harmattan platform (Nokia N9/N950) and now it continues to support other platforms such as BlackBerry 10.

We believe WhatsApp is such a great service and that’s why we spend a lot of time to make it accessible on all platforms. OpenWhatsapp’s ultimate goal is to be officially recognized, approved and supported by WhatsApp

Feel at home

Everything in original WhatsApp; Start conversations, share media, join groups, update your profile picture and status

Do more

OpenWhatsapp goes beyond WhatsApp limits. It ships with extra features such as invisibility and profile pictures’ albums

Blackberry 10

Wazapp for BB10 became an interest when WhatsApp initially stated they have no plans to support the platform. So it was decided to port Wazapp to BB10, though not under the name Wazapp, but OpenWhatsapp. Main reason for this change was because of the existence of another chat application which already holds the name Wazapp (although not related to WhatsApp service by any means). So the name shift was to prevent confusion, well besides the fact that everyone mistakes the name Wazapp for Wazzap! The other reason is that the name “OpenWhatsapp” serves more the new aim of the project.

OpenWhatsapp goals

OpenWhatsapp does not aim to be a competitor to WhatsApp. Being a competitor doesn’t even make sense as WhatsApp are the ones providing the service. We also do not interfere by any means nor even try to bypass WhatsApp’s paid subscription process. We just believe WhatsApp is such a great service and that’s why we spend a lot of time building our community clients. We spend a lot of time working to have it accessible on the platforms we love.

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Source: BBNews