OpenTable for BlackBerry: Get Paid when Eating Out!

OpenTable OpenTable for BlackBerry: Get Paid when Eating Out!
Would you like to get paid when you eat at a restaurant that accepts reservations? Sounds too good to be true? Well, not really. With OpenTable, that’s really how it is.

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OpenTable is a restaurant reservation system that over 25,000 restaurants and restaurant chains use. Whenever you make a reservation for a restaurant that uses OpenTable, the restaurant actually uses the system to make the reservation for you. However, if you have the OpenTable app installed on your BlackBerry and make the reservation yourself, you earn points that you accummulate and redeem for cash.

Points earned vary per restaurant. Making a reservation earns you at least 100 points. However, there are restaurants that offer special promotions than can earn you up to 1000 points.

Once you accumulate 2000 points, you can redeem them for $20. It’s that simple.

The OpenTable app allows you to search for restaurants that use OpenTable (or you may also choose to do this online via OpenTable’s website). Searches can be filtered to reflect 1000-point reservations in your area.

At the moment, OpenTable is available for the United States and selected countries.  You can check country availability via the OpenTable website.

Aside from the BlackBerry version, OpenTable apps are also available for other platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows phone).

To start using OpenTable, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check availability for your country and Create your account at OpenTable.
  2. Download the free app at BlackBerry AppWorld.
  3. Make your first reservation.

Source: Simple Mobile Review, “Get Paid to Eat Out When You Make Reservations with OpenTable…”

Featured Image courtesy of OpenTable website.

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 OpenTable for BlackBerry: Get Paid when Eating Out!
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 OpenTable for BlackBerry: Get Paid when Eating Out!

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