New All-In-One BB Boss OS Tool for BlackBerry!

New to the BBEmpire forum is a new All-In-One OS Tool for BlackBerry. Ffejrobins30 is proud to present BB Boss OS Tool for BlackBerry. Ffejrobins30 says

BB Boss started as an OS shrinker only, but has evolved to include many features.

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Features include:

-Shrinking of OS installed on hard drive based on user selected information
-Direct shrinking of OS already installed on device. This eliminates the need to wipe and reload an OS onto your device
-Install a hybrid feature that allows installation of hybrid CODs directly to a device without having to reload an OS from scratch
-Phone File System functions including installing, deleting, and backing up of COD files on a device. Also includes an atomatic 3rd party backup feature for your 3rd party apps
-Other phone functions including Screenshots, Event Log veiwing, clearing, exporting, Phone Wipe, and Restoration to factory settings.
-JAD/ALX file creation. Drag-and-drop files to quickly and easily create OTA-ready JAD files and Loader compatible ALX files

****This was designed to be an All-In-One tool for your Blackberry. The only requirement is the installation of Desktop Manager, which installs the USB drivers required****

You can download BB Boss OS Tool here

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Loaded with features!

You can download BB Boss OS Tool here

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 New All In One BB Boss OS Tool for BlackBerry!
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 New All In One BB Boss OS Tool for BlackBerry!


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