Official Update for the BlackBerry PlayBook ( now available

IMG 00000072 580x326 Official Update for the BlackBerry PlayBook ( now available

Well, this is somewhat out of the blue! What appeared to have leaked not too long ago has now hit officially available OTA on the Wi-fi PlayBook variant. 

The update brings minor changes, updates to the Flash Player, a faster and more fluid keyboard and an overall nice experience on the PlayBook. We’re hoping BlackBerry intends to push more updates in the future as it really is a nice incentive for us PlayBook diehards.

Notice anything different in this build? Let us know in the comments below.

 Official Update for the BlackBerry PlayBook ( now available
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  1. Sea Dog author says

    I just don’t get why BB don’t release a supporting file detailing what changes come with the update. Instead it appears to be left to sites like this to get user feedback, much of which can only be speculation or just amateur impressions. There’s room for that too, of course and it’s interesting to see others thoughts and ideas, but only BB have the full picture. Great to receive an update, but why keep the detail under wraps?

      • Sea Dog author says

        Ah, thanks for that info. Mine updated via an update notification on the task bar, so I had not seen that page. I guess that’ll teach me not to follow the heard by reading all the speculation on other sites! Of course, it also means there’s no benefit I’m really going to notice, so in that sense it’s a little disappointing. Still, any update is better than the PB being left to wither on the vine.

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