Hot off the press, official OS for BlackBerry 10 devices are slowly being pushed out via OTA from carriers.

What appeared to be a “leak” and with the official dropping anytime after, it looks like the apparent leak has now turned official within a matter of hours before the leak could even go live. Now, when I say official, I mean the links to the Destructive BAR files are live on Sachesi available for you to download.

I can confirm Vodafone UK and other European carriers have started to push the update through OTA.

User “thurask” on the CB Forums dropped the set of links for all BlackBerry 10 devices for us to load. Remember, these are destructible BAR files so you WILL lose everything if you don’t backup the contents of your device. Radio files are also included in the list of links too.

UPDATE: Users running a Z10 except the STL100-1 model can load the Z30 autoloader and then proceed to load the correct radio BAR file for their device. STL100-1 users have a full autoloader which includes the radio too.

Download OS for BlackBerry 10 Devices