Are you an AT&T BlackBerry user? When making a phone call, are you receiving the message “The number you dialed is not a working number…”? Well don’t worry, your not the only one.

My FaceBook feed, with my friends in Miami, FL, started complaining about not being able to make phones calls. According to them, this problem started at around 5:30PM.

I started to do some research and the local news is reporting that many AT&T mobile service subscribers in Florida are experiencing these errors because of a state-wide outage. According to a rep, this outage may take hours before it’s fixed. There is no word on why the outage occurred. However, though you can’t make calls, BBM, as usual, is still working flawlessly. So if you need to communicated, BBM is the way to go for now.

More on this issue as information becomes available.

If you need your mobile services, switch from 3G to 2G and text/calls should be working fine in the meantime. (Thanks Frank!)

UPDATE: No clear statement on what caused the outage but all services have been restored.

Source: WSVN News