BlackBerry Live Contest – Score Your Free Pass!


If you were on the fence about attending BlackBerry Live in Orlando, Florida this year – it’s time to get off the fence. The good folks over at BlackBerry have announced a contest that will send you to BlackBerry Live, absolutely free. The conference will be kicking off just over a month from today from May […]

Canadian Tire Deploying BlackBerry 10 Devices to All Employees and Family Companies


The folks over at Canadian Tire let us know they plan on deploying BlackBerry 10 devices to its employees, staff and across its family companies. Canadian Tire is set to disburse several thousand devices consisting of Z10 and Q10 smartphones in the short future. This is a step in the right direction for BlackBerry. Let’s see who else follows […]

BlackBerry OS 10.1 Beta Now Available For Dev Alpha B/C, Z10 – Simulators Updated

Simulator BlackBerry 10

OS 10.1 beta is now available for developers, the BlackBerry Dev team has let us via a blog post and Twitter. New SDK OS update for your BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices in preparing developers for the BlackBerry Q10 device.  This 10.1C SDK OS is a developer preview that allows you to check out how your apps […]

BlackBerry Usage Share Doubles


A lot of scrutiny has attributed to huge volatility in shares of BlackBerry, which have caused stock holders and die hard hopefuls to sometimes go as far as to doubt the company and their performance. A report published today by Chitika, an advertising firm based out of Massachusetts, showed how BlackBerry is making all the right moves […]