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T-Mobile Will Launch The BlackBerry Z10 On March 26th

@iamamirhasan A date has already been announced. March 26th… ^KC — T-Mobile USA (@TMobileHelp) March 20, 2013 T-Mobile customers break out your calendars and pencils, it’s time to start counting down the days to when you will finally get your BlackBerry Z10. As we have reported last week business customers with T-Mobile have already been able to order their devices and we now have a hard date for the rest of you, it’s March 26th.

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Suretap Expands To Four BlackBerry Devices From Rogers

Rogers has informed us today that Suretap has now been certified for some BlackBerry and Android devices. For anyone that’s not familiar with Suretap, it’s a service that turns your BlackBerry into a mobile wallet by use of Near Field Communication (NFC). With Suretap there’s no need to carry cash to make a purchase, just tap your BlackBerry at a contactless point of sale terminal and you are good to go.

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WhatsApp Messenger Updates to v2.9.3997.0 For BlackBerry 10 Fixing Contacts And Notifications

The super popular messenger app WhatsApp has received a nice update for BlackBerry 10 today in BlackBerry World. We are now showing version 2.9.3997.0 available for download. This update seems to fix some big issues the app was having concerning contacts and notifications so I’m sure a lot of you will be very happy to see this latest release.

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HUB++ Has Been Updated To v2.0.0.1 And It Is Now Called HUB++ Disco LED Edition

The folks over at Devcellent Solutions have let us know that the app HUB++ has been updated to version today. They also told us not only have they updated the app but they have also renamed it to HUB++ Disco LED Edition. If you remember we let everyone know that the BlackBerry Z10 could now have custom LED, audio, and popups with this app and the developer has been hard at work adding even more great features.

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Thorsten Heins Lays Out Survival Plan For BlackBerry, Says iPhone Is Old News, Instagram Negotiations & More

BlackBerry’s CEO Thorsten Heins gets it, he understands how fast the mobile market moves, you just can’t sleep for a month or two and expect to be at the top of the market while others are innovating their way into new ideas to keep moving forward, something BlackBerry lacked in the past. It has been reported that Netflix and Instagram may not come to BlackBerry 10, Thorsten however claims negotiations are still ongoing.

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Update On Viber VoIP App For BlackBerry 10

Those of you asking for the status of Viber coming to BlackBerry 10 and will it support VoIP (Voice over IP) the answer to both is yes it is coming to BlackBerry 10 and yes it will support VoIP in its BlackBerry app. We had already previously reported that Viber is in it’s development stages for BlackBerry 10. Viber recently past the 175 million user mark and continues to add an average of a whopping 400,000 users per day. The team over at TruTower got in contact with Talmon Marco, the CEO of Viber and Viber Social Media Manager and asked: Q: Do you have an estimated time frame for the release of Viber for BlackBerry 10?

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T-Mobile Itching For BlackBerry Z10 Release

Seems like everyone including carriers in the United States are very excited for the BlackBerry Z10 to launch on all major carriers, some reports are saying that AT&T’s BlackBerry Z10 devices are sold out, I wouldn’t doubt it, however those are just rumors for now. T-Mobile has posted the BlackBerry Z10 coming soon on their website and even tease us with their latest tweet showing the evolution of BlackBerry. Check out their latest tweet and see the Z10 on the T-Mobile page.

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BlackBerry Partner Makes Largest Ever Single Purchase In Company’s History – One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

For those of you worried about the sales of BlackBerry 10, it looks like BlackBerry has just received a huge boost to them – an undisclosed partner has placed the largest ever single purchase BlackBerry has ever received, by ordering one million BlackBerry 10 smartphones. That’s a whole lot of lucky employees! Not much details have been revealed around the transaction, but shipments begin immediately so it’s probably safe to assume that most of the phones will end up being Z10’s, with the Q10 still awaiting prime time. You can read BlackBerry’s press release after the jump.

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