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Change the wallpaper hues with this screen

Russ of GrayMatterThemes has just released his new theme for BlackBerry phones called Morph. Hamster and I did a long review of it here. It’s a fantastic theme that allows you to customize EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING about the theme!!!! You are the designer!!! Russ has donated 15 FREE copies for BBE members!!!! Post 3 new […]

Law Firms Claim BlackBerry PlayBook Will Have Massive Impact in the Industry (Video)

Mobile Viewing As a J.D. seeker, I’m always thinking of ways my BlackBerry and PlayBook will make law school a much more enjoyable experience. A video put out by the folks at rekoop1 have gone ahead and reached out to the industry that I’m interested in. Watch the reactions from law firm representatives, IT personnel, and managers as […]

Video: Jim Jones – What’s Your BBM (Explicit Lyrics)

Beware: The following video contains explicit lyrics that may not be suitable for all ages and work environments. [Mobile Link] Don’t text, don’t call me honey Don’t nothing else come before my money No facebooking or @in on twitter Baby, what’s your BBM? I need that BBM Shorty, what’s your BBM You know we tryin […]

Recent FaceBook Stats Prove BlackBerry’s Strength Next to Android, Apple

Breaking away from some BlackBerry negativity, a recent study done by the firm Inside Facebook reveals some rather positive number for RIM. Data made public by Facebook shows it having 500 million monthly active users as of July 2010, and 250 million on mobile in late March of this year. Out of the total, 1/3 accounts […]

RIM Cutting 200 Jobs in Waterloo?


Last week during the Earnings Press Release, RIM announced it was going to undergo some reconstruction, which meant slashing redundancies in the name of jobs. Hanging with a rumor tag, according to reports, RIM is already on its way to cutting around 200 job positions from its current 17,500 employee lineup. The report comes from […]

Seesmic to Discontinue BlackBerry Support. Do You Care?

Seesmic, the Twitter client, has just announced via Seesmic Blog that it will no longer support the BlackBerry platform.  If you’re curious as to why, don’t worry because they’ve bluntly let us know. Effective June 30th, Seesmic will discontinue support for Blackberry in order to focus development efforts on our most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS and […]

BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 Beta, Screen Resolutions and New Smartphone Simulators

RIM has just let us know via DevBlog that new Smartphone simulators along with screen resolutions are now available. Roadmap leaks have given us a heads up as to the future of next gen BlackBerry smartphones. Well thanks to the DevBlog, some of those devices might actually be coming to us when RIM decides to publicly announce […]

Announcing NEW #BlackBerry 7 Simulators and Screen Resolutions

[blackbirdpie url="!/BlackBerryDev/status/82882166735904768"] However, it is important to note the following two key items as a BlackBerry developer regarding BlackBerry 7 and how you can prepare for launch: