It has been a while since we seen some PlayBook love, OS has leaked, brought to you by the team over at BerryLeaks.

While not much has changed in this version it is said to bring overall speed improvements to the PlayBook tablet. Feel free to download at your own risk, if you do plan on installing let us know how it went.

The following is a list of found defects or general notices:

  • General Notice: This is a full OS
  • General Notice: Functionality wise there is nothing significantly different from the most recent official release.
  • General Notice: The OS itself runs a bit smoother, with little to no lag when typing with the keyboard.
  • General Notice: Browser speed seems to be about the same as previous OSes, still relatively fast

Issue: After wipe, only end up with browser app
Solution: Run the autoloader again

Download OS for the PlayBook here.