I guess it pays to stay up late sometimes (or up early depending on what side of the world you are in) as it looks like OS version has just been leaked out for almost all BlackBerry 10 devices (sorry Z10 STL100-1 users it’s not for you). As always these are full autoloaders so load them as you always have.


Also please know that the Z10, Q10, and Q5 autoloader contains OS and radio. The Z30 version uses radio (couldn’t get an updated radio for that hardware).

Here’s a mini change log for all of you from 12ninjas

  • New option for allowing installation of applications from sources other than BlackBerry World (smells like preparation for, ahem, Google Play. But who knows for sure as Play services don’t install just yet.).
  • New close tab animation in the browser.
  • Everything else appears to be “under the hood” improvements. This one runs smooth, but it is still too early to tell about things like battery life, etc.

It’s great to finally see another 10.2.1 leak so MAJOR THANKS goes out to 12ninjas for sharing!

For those of you that are new to loading a leaked OS (or if there’s just something you aren’t sure about) don’t worry because Billy has done a very in-depth how-to, and you can find all that info here.

As always make sure to backup your device before updating to the newest release just to be safe. Also remember BlackBerry Empire and/or the folks supplying this leak are not responsible for anything that may go wrong during the update process.

Source: UMG Forums