Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

blackberry os leak3 580x319 Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices

And here it is! OS just dropped, the supposedly BIG one a lot of people have been waiting for since the Google Play rumours started to circulate (unfortunately not coming to BlackBerry 10). BlackBerry for all BlackBerry 10 devices is here. Yes, that includes you STL100-1 users too .

Download for BlackBerry 10 devices:

Changelog :

- runtime unlocked
- apk files install directly on device without apk to bar conversion or debug token
- Customizable quick settings
- group contacts
- Quick speed dial on Q10
- Music UI changes
- Call dialer changes
- BBM – vibrate on ping, new emoticons
- white balance adjuster
- picture lock password
- IBM notes traveler in accounts settings
- full device monitor
- new charge icon
- custom contact notifications
- wolfram alpha commands
- battery percentage in peak
- hub pinch gesture works
- Instagram video upload works, BlackBerry 10 keyboard works without mods

Here’s how you update your BlackBerry 10 device with this leaked OS.

  • Backup your BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Link (the autoloader will wipe your device).
  • Close BlackBerry Link.
  • Download autoloader OS.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Run autoloader.exe (windows Vista 7 and 8 run as admin).
  • When “connecting to Bootrom” appears on system connect your BlackBerry 10 to PC and turn on device.
  • Wait for process to finish and phone to reboot.
  • The update will wipe your device, so you can either restore all the info from your backup through BlackBerry Link or just start fresh if you want.

As always make sure to backup your device before updating to the newest release just to be safe. Also remember BlackBerry Empire is not responsible for anything that may go wrong during the update process.

Let us know if you come across any new findings!

 Leaked OS for BlackBerry 10 devices
Owned my first BlackBerry in 2009, the Curve 8310. Wow, how time flies. Anyhow, feel free to contact me on my email at billy@blackberryempire.com, drop me a tweet @bilaalsaghir, follow my BBM Channel: C001232F7 or add me on BBM via PIN: 24CA6E5F


  1. John M. author says

    I was also stuck on the checking for software updates page for awhile. I had to install the OS again and then when going thru the first few pages I didn’t log in to BBM. I waited till I was all the way thru.

  2. NottySaint author says

    HELP: Stuck on “Software Update” Checking for updates startup screen, What should I do to pass the startup screen?

  3. John M. author says

    @ronyscompaeim. you are getting that error because the radio file does not work the the Z10 STL100-2. That file hasn’t leaked yet. You will need to roll back to a different leak that has a working radio or you can load a radio from one of the other 10.2.1.xxx builds that was for your device but even if you do that you will have no phone calls available. I recommend to roll back to a 10.2.0.xxxx builds till this latest OS has a leak for your device.

  4. John M. author says

    Like I said I had the same issue so I had to load the autoloader again and this time as I was going thru the initial setup I didn’t sign in to BBM. I jist waited till it went thru everything and signed in later.

  5. John M. author says

    @NottySaint glad to see everything is working out. Let us know if you need help with anything else. Let us know if you find anything that we haven’t talked about yet. This OS has a ton of new things in it.

  6. Shupor author says

    You might want to update the thread title. It is NOT available for ALL BlackBerry 10 models;just all variants of the Q10 and the STL 100 Z10 variant

  7. kadzie author says

    error on music player – anyone has an idea how to resolve? gives error “The file can’t be playted due to an unexpected error (1)”

    Z10 – STL100-1 – OS

  8. NottySaint author says

    Another issue is with BBM not displaying contact pictures.
    Please help me with a Fix, I have BBM channels as well?

    • John M. author says

      I had the issue but not for that long, but long enough to know they weren’t populating properly. The only thing I ended up doing was doing a hard reboot and then just opened BBM, then closed BBM as normal and then just left it. When I woke up all was well. Hopefully they will return for you as well.

  9. John M. author says

    Sorry NottySaint that issue I haven’t seen an actual true solution too. Hopefully someone else will be able to chime in with a fix. I have had a few people ask about it but besides waiting no one has given me the answer.

  10. kadzie author says

    hi all, loving this new leak – does anyone have an idea how to get my extended search to include the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo – cant seem to get this right in this leak?

    Z10 – STL100-1 – OS

  11. amy author says

    hi..my bb Z10 STL100-1 only keep resetting device on the autoloader..currently i update to os ..but when i want to update to os , in only keep resetting my fon on the autoloader..plz help me =(

  12. Larry Mulder author says

    headphone jack not working quite right on z10-stl100-4 verizon w/ Media player can be forced to headset, other audio apps will play through handset speaker only! GRRRRR. Otherwise, so far leak is good. FourSquare notices in the Hub will not launch the foursquare app either. operating this leak after a full restore.

  13. Larry Mulder author says

    pardon possible dupe – browser script issues… headphone jack not working quite right on z10-stl100-4 verizon w/ Media player can be forced to headset, other audio apps will play through handset speaker only! GRRRRR. Otherwise, so far leak is good. FourSquare notices in the Hub will not launch the foursquare app either. operating this leak after a full restore.

  14. Fernando Arzila author says

    i need help with instagram =[ ! im running instagram 4.2.5 on STL100-3 TMobile , i can upload pics and i can record a video & edit it BUT it always crashes in the last step (CHOOSE COVER FRAME) and if it doesn’t crash it stays there and from there it freezes , any fix or anyway how to fix it ? HELP :’[ been a blackberry fan all my life and don’t wanna change to iphone or galaxy

    • author says

      If you can’t access the accounts page, a security wipe of the phone is reportedly known to fix that issue. I’m having the issue myself but not only until after I set everything (apart from Facebook) up. Word is, some APKs (like Viber) is somehow causing the bug. I don’t have Viber installed so it must just be some certain APKs.

      Again, folks, this build is a wild one. I know people that are running it bug free but there are some (myself included) that have come across bugs all around. Be cautious, keep a backup of everything that is important and last but not least, enjoy it. Great things to come in the official 10.2.1!

  15. Mohsin author says

    Deleting soundcloud app solved the accounts not opening problem for me.
    Still unable to open facebook from hub any solutions?

  16. Joel author says

    This is a great update, but it appears to be quite glitchy. I have it installed on a BB Z10 STL100-3. Looking forward to the next leak with the glitches fixed.

      • Joel author says

        My Facebook notifications wont open from the hub. I can receive them but this I have to go into the FB app in order to actually see them. It’s randomly restarted on me a few times since installing it the other day, and last night the keyboard was acting up and I had to restart to fix it. Even so this is great leak and the new features outweigh any glitches I’m currently experiencing, I’ll just have to watch closely for the next leak.

  17. kadzie author says

    video is working, but cant upload pics – give an error “Unable to download file” – does anyone know if there is a way around this?

    Z10 – STL100-1 – OS

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