Leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10

wpid blackberry os leak1 580x319 Leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry 10.2 OS has leaked for the BlackBerry Z10 coming in at version Please be aware this is an alpha (early) build. Kris also notes you will need to install the BlackBerry App World from a 10.1 file.

Download OS


This works on everything but the STL100-1. Download BlackBerry App World here.

Download at your own risk, if you do choose to install let us know how it is running on your BlackBerry Z10.

 Leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10
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 Leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10


  1. Jarmeling author says

    The os seems to be fine. I haven’t noticed any issues, but also haven’t noticed any major “wows”. I’ve heard that the battery life is much improved, but that’s to be seen.

  2. easydoesitron author says

    App World is a total mess with Can’t buy any apps and lost ones I purchased and can’t get them back. That said, my Zed is performing much faster. Multiple alarms is there. The keyboard is better. The browser is a lot faster.

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