Leaked: BBM for Android with Voice and Channels!

BBM Vnotes iPhone 615x425 Leaked: BBM for Android with Voice and Channels!

BBM for Android with Voice and Channels has leaked in the wild and is now available to be tested on via an Android device. BBM Channels is confirmed to be working on this build, test out voice and chat and let us know in the comments below how it works for you. (Be sure to add us on BBM Channels C00071CA4)

Wasn’t too long ago before the beta build which includes these features was out.

Download below:

Remember this is a leaked apk file, download and install at your own risk. Enjoy!

Looks like it is tied to BBID as it is the beta build,  however some users are able to get access to BBM Channels.


  1. author says

    BBM Channels DAVID J ATKINS / C004AC3CF version is running on my SGN2 OS 4.3. But outgoing messages are hanging with a red clock. Everything else seems to function.

  2. Ron author says

    If your pin isn’t associated with the beta, then that is all your going to get.

    Better off just waiting.

  3. petertinh0112 author says

    BlackBerry has BLOCKED this leaked version of BBM for Android. If you install it it WILL NOT work. If you loaded this leak, you now must delete BBM and reload the official BBM from Google Play.

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