Incase you missed it, Facebook for BlackBerry 10 was updated today bringing updates including the ability to sort your news feed timeline either via “Most Recent” or “Top Stories”. Not only that, BlackBerry left a subtle hint that I noticed when updating..

What hint you say? Well, if you haven’t noticed it yourself by now, but the latest Facebook update has a new, updated app icon. Whilst it still retains the Facebook colours and the little “f”, the icon doesn’t have a gradient, neither does it have a square box surrounding the icon. What you now have is curved edges, a smaller icon and a gradient-less blue.

Check the Before and After pictures and see for yourself!





However, as far as any other UI changes are concerned – that’s it, the actual app is just the same as before. This is pure speculation, so I may not be right. As far I know, they may only have the app icons flat and nothing else. However, It’s nice to see BlackBerry constantly updating the OS, maturing it as time goes by. I wouldn’t mind a flat design, as long as it doesn’t look like iOS 7 nor Windows Mobile.

Would you like 10.3 UI to flat? Let us know in the comments!