BlackBerry 10.1

Yesterday a new BlackBerry Z10 OS leak was introduced to the masses OS Having done hybrid and leaked OS builds since my first BlackBerry (the Storm), I have jumped at every chance to try a new build, and this was no different. My device is on the Verizon network, and as such I had already loaded the on prior to this leak, so I knew through some trial and error already how to load this leak. Give yourself about 2 hours to do this, and I think you will find that after the OS settles, it truly is a solid build. I will not go into the process of downloading the OS here as there are plenty of resources out there to help you with that. However, I am going to give you my initial feedback on the OS and in my opinion, what I find to be the best and maybe even worst (gasp!) of the build.

After doing the install, signing back into the device and doing the restore, I was initially freaked out. While I swiped through the screens, I noticed the hub loading screen had a cool new animation, but I mostly noticed things were moving snail pace slow, and BBM and my contacts were not showing up. However, as I sat there thinking I had just blown it by loading this leak, BBM kicked in and I noticed my contacts were starting to populate. I also started to get a lot of errors related to my email. I think that had more to do with me not adding the accounts before restoring. So, the first thing I did (after BBM’in some friends, of course) was to delete all the accounts in the hub after it loaded. One new feature immediately caught my eye and it was the option to PIN directly from the hub.

Once I redid all my accounts, I started to open up some of the apps and see what I could find. First, I went into BBM to let some friends know I was back up and running and I was hit with my first real ‘Wow’ moment. The keyboard. This, is probably, no…it is, the best part of this build for me. It is super-fast and responsive, and there is a new feature of the spacebar populating with a green word. I am not sure the reason for this, but when you choose that word it then highlights green as it is entered into the text box; just kind of cool. But ultimately, it is the ‘feeling’ that the keyboard is just right. The send button is smaller which is great since I was finding myself sending on accident with the previous build when I was trying to hit the period. With BBM you now have the broadcast all and a new bar code screen within your profile. Also, I noticed that my BBM Group took about an hour to load. Looking through different posts everyone seemed to have from immediate loads to it taking some time. Be patient if it happens to take a while, it will get there.

I did not have any issues with any apps at all loading, minus two. Adobe won’t update, but does work. BlackBerry Bridge, from what I understand, is disabled in this build awaiting a PlayBook update. Since Adobe at least works as before, and I haven’t touched my PB since getting the Z, these were non-issues for me. If you run in to any app load issues, or an app isn’t initially working correctly, do a restart. This includes email. I kept receiving errors from my email. I redid the passwords as requested and did a restart. So far, that seems to have worked. The ported apps that I had did on initial opening take a long time, however, after that initial load, they worked as they did previously. The apps I opened/used are: Blaq, Maps, Calendar, Camera, Browser, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, BlackBerry World, WordPress, Reminder, The Bible, Calculator, Clock, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry Protect,Weather and Dropbox. I also was very pleased that the transfer of folder locations and settings, along with notifications, were all as before.

A few apps have some nice revamps, and one is the calculator. This is a great update making the calculator look smooth and operate smooth.



The Browser speed is, to me, and being on Verizon, ridiculous fast, even with multiple tabs open. I mentioned notifications and I am happy to say that individual notifications are back! This to me was a major plus, as I prefer a different setting for each of my emails. The camera now has the HDR feature. Open the camera, swipe down and tap settings and then just slide it to on. So far pictures do seem to be clearer, maybe even more focused. I have to continue to mess with that to compare better. BBProtect will also let you do a one-time restore (I believe from an OS 6/7 device). Hoping this will change in an official OS release to anytime, but the Link backup/restore works fine for now. I have not had a chance to mess with BBM video as of yet, however I have seen that things are working with that, to include PB contacts.

Another main concern I am sure we all have is battery life. My first reaction to this was, not as good as I had hoped. I was fully charged at 6AM and at about 2PM I was down in the 30% range. Again, initial reaction was that this is not good. But then looking realistically at this, 8 hours of continual text, BBM, browser, Blaq and Facebook usage while in the basement of an old castle type building, it actually seems to have held up phenomenally! If I were at work where my coverage was complete and not using it as heavily, I could guess minimum 10-12 hours on a charge. I will know for sure tomorrow when I go back to work, but for now, I am pleased with the battery.

Ultimately, the worst part of this build is the time it took to settle. It can be a bit nerve wracking and creates undue stress about questioning yourself and the intelligence of loading this leak. However, after the OS settles and you get through all the little kinks of opening and closing and swiping and typing and snapping and mapping and traveling and…well, you know, the OS is truly a very strong build that I am thoroughly impressed with. I dare say that if this were the initial launch OS that a lot more people that have returned their devices may still be with us. I have a ton more to experiment with, and I hope if you haven’t loaded this and were on the fence, I was able to sway you. This OS helps us to see what the Z is truly capable of.   – Chris Jordan

Another thing added to the BlackBerry 10.1 OS was ability to take HDR photos:




hdr (2)Non-HDR:




Word suggestions on keyboard are now highlighted in green:

Third Green Highlight in text box First Green Font Color Second click on word
There you have it, if you wish to download this leaked OS at your own risk then do so here. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to be talked about on OS 10.1.