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How-To Get Viber Working On BlackBerry 10

We will be explaining how to get Viber working on your BlackBerry 10 devices (for those who can’t wait for official app). With the guide published yesterday, how to run most Android 2.3.3 apps on your BlackBerry 10 devices this method has been confirmed to work for Viber. This is an Android ported app, most Viber features are working but not all. To get Viber on your BlackBerry 10 device:

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Update: How-To Install BlackBerry 10 Developer OS on PlayBook

For those of you all who cannot wait for the BlackBerry 10 OS to come to the PlayBook tablet BBKyle_ has compiled a list of steps to help us  get the BlackBerry 10 developer OS onto it. While this may not be suitable for those of you all who use your PlayBooks on a daily basis, it does however give you a feel for how running BlackBerry 10 OS on your tablet would be like. See the step-by-step guide below:

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How To Highlight, Cut, Copy, and Paste Using Your BlackBerry Z10 

We here at BlackBerry Empire know that many of you have been having some issues with something that seemed so easy to do on the BlackBerry legacy devices, and that’s the copy and paste feature on your BlackBerry Z10. Well the folks over at Inside BlackBerry Help Blog have a very nice how-to on the subject that we have come across and thought we should share with all of you.

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How-To Remove Users From Showing Up In BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Updates On BlackBerry 10

If you’re like me all those BlackBerry Messenger updates that show up within the app are driving you crazy. I mean the ones where people change their display picture or add a new message in their profile and then it’s shows as a update on your end too. In the legacy BlackBerry devices they were easy to shut off, but on my BlackBerry Z10 I haven’t found the setting to just turn them all off at once.

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How To: Skip Songs in Music Player Using Volume Control Keys on BlackBerry Z10

Yesterday while listening to music on the Z10 I tried changing the track using the volume control keys. Sadly it did not work. Legacy devices allow you to skip to the next song using the the top volume control key and skip back a track using the lower volume key. I was a bit discouraged when this did not work. Well come to find out there is a toggle setting in BlackBerry 10 which allows you to enable this neat feature. Continue reading for more.

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How To Import Outlook Contacts and Calendar Appointments using BlackBerry Link 1.0.1 for Windows

With the latest update of BlackBerry Link the ability to sync your Outlook contacts and calendar appointments imported from your BlackBerry 10 device was added (one-way sync). Ty from over at the BlackBerry Help Blog walks us through the process and also notes two-way syncing will be added in an upcoming version of BlackBerry Link.  Check out his official guide:

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How To Sideload Android Apps Onto Your BlackBerry 10 Device Using DDPB (PC Only)

Although BlackBerry World has quite a few great apps, sometimes we just want more – enter Android Player. This Android runtime within BlackBerry 10 can run certain Android apps, and to make the most of it, you should learn how to sideload! We’ve already featured a tutorial for the process using PlayBook App Manager on Google Chrome, but for those of you who don’t wish to use Chrome, here’s another tutorial using the DDPB Installer. (Note: DDPB is only available for PC at the moment, sorry Mac users!)

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