How-To Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token – Instagram, Vine, Spotify Confirmed Working

wpid87102 bbe how to How To Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token   Instagram, Vine, Spotify Confirmed Working

Ok, first off this is for users running BlackBerry OS 10.2 as I am running OS, we have helped several users install Android apps on their BlackBerry 10 device via this simplified tutorial where a debug token was needed, this how-to will be pretty much straight forward as no debug token or apk converting would be needed, a simple sideload and go method will have your favorite apps running.

I have confirmed Instagram, Vine and Spotify working without the need of a debug token.

Let’s begin:

You would need to install Runtime 810, download link here OR unlocked Android Runtime here.

After you have downloaded Runtime 810, you would need to unzip the folder and sideload the two bar files which are & (different version number if you install unlocked Android Rutnime). You can sideload these bar files using DDPB or Google Chrome extension

This pretty much does the trick and installs Runtime 810. After that you could download apps that previously needed a workaround and a debug token installed, without that need, anymore. A few apps I’ve tested are Instagram, Vine and Spotify. Enjoy! Let us know in the comments how this works for you and if you all tried installing any other apps after installing Runtime 810 or Unlocked Android Runtime on your BlackBerry 10 device running a leaked 10.2 OS, preferably OS as this is the OS I have installed and confirmed working.

How to get Spotify working:(After installing one of the Runtimes above) ***Updated how-to***
1. Get the latest version of Spotify here. (sideload this bar files using DDPB or Google Chrome extension)

2. After install : start spotify 20 seconds and close

3. Turn off developer mode and password

4. Download zip file folders and copy it to your SD card in:


files/spotifycache .

Copy the two folders Storage and Users here.

Restart may or may not be needed.

Thats it. Enjoy!

 How To Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token   Instagram, Vine, Spotify Confirmed Working
Any comments/questions? Shoot me an e-mail: Michael @ Feel free to add me on BBM: PIN 2AF2FB53. Fastest way to get a response: Ask in the forum Instagram @michaelheredia21
 How To Install Android Apps On BlackBerry 10.2 WITHOUT Debug Token   Instagram, Vine, Spotify Confirmed Working


  1. John M. author says

    Thanks for the how-to. This is perfect for those folks that are having issues creating the tokens or just don’t want to deal with it.

  2. mundo472 author says

    So, are you saying we don’t need to convert the apk to a bar? If so; Amazing.. if not; still pretty cool. :)

  3. Bob Motown author says

    @bbempire:disqus I’m getting this message “failure 500 ‘Package-Id’ am I doing something wrong uploading the spotifyandroid.apk ?

  4. bitrate author says

    nice TUT, but I can not get spotify to run, no matter what I try it will open, but stay blanc.
    Maybe you can provide the bar that is working for you!?

      • bitrate author says

        Sadly this did not do the trick either. There was some odd blue bar loading, but than I got that blanc spotify again.
        Any other ideas are appreciated, but do not want to steal your time.

  5. SΞΛИ KΞLLΞHΞR author says

    And also, if I have a “” file in my Playbook_tools folder that I had been using, should I delete it and only have the “” and “”?

  6. └̠[Ỹầşħ]┐̄ author says

    Does this mean i can sideload apk directly? Or do i download the apk files and convert them to bar files then sideload bar files only? thanks in advance. please respond michael!

  7.  Kawme Ferdinand  author says

    Which Spotify version is confirmed working just installed it and it’s still giving me trouble.

  8. Mike author says

    I ve installed Instagram using runtime 810… When I try put pictures on instagram the app just close without no reason Can u Help pls

  9. GreatNews author says

    thanks for killing my device!!!!!! now i cant open a single Android ported apps!!!!!
    please help me fix the issue!!!!

  10. Sur author says

    After slideloading android runtime 810 my applications stopped working. I have restarted my phone many times but didn’t work. Please help.

  11. Sur author says

    Please help me. How can I remove or uninstall Android Runtime from my blackberry z10. I am unable to open any of the slideloaded apps.

  12. purdy author says

    Hi Michael i hope this works cause i am fighting for almost 2 days now.
    if am correct by downloading the Runtime 810 u have unzip the folder. Wich folder? I sideload everything with DDPB. Can it harm my other apps? Is it possible u could make a vid about this cause am losing it.
    Its now 09.00 in the moring in holland and am at the office so this afternoon i will try it out.
    does instagram works with this method?
    thx carter

    • author says

      You just sideload Runtime 810 bar files to your BlackBerry 10 device running OS 10.2. Should not affect other apps, but install at your own risk. Works fine for me.

  13. Vaasan author says

    I am running Blackberry and downloaded runtime 810 and sideloades the other two sys. bar files.. I also downloaded Instagram versions 4.0.2 and the app immediately closes before opening, and same happens with version 4.1.2 help please? Any reason why this is happening, or anything I can do to solve it?

  14. rjtr author says

    Anybody knows how ti create debug token with CSK file? blackberry is not sending CSJ files anymore… Best regards…

  15. Whit author says

    Do I need to create this folder: /Android/data/
    After I have sideloaded the Spotify APP and opened it, then it sits a white screen. I shut it down and turn off developer mode. I don’t see the above folders structure to copy the Storage and User Folders into. HELP!

      • Whit author says

        I have done the above and rebooted the device, when I open spotify now I get a Black screen with the blue bar at the bottom, and then a spinning circle and says its initializing then goes to a white screen with the arrow in the bottom left and the 3 lines in the top left corner… Nothing happens beyond this. I don’t get a login screen or anything for Sportify.

  16. Dandy3000 author says

    Followed steps…just had to restart device after installing IG and works like a charm. thank you !

  17. Tshepiso Kabomo author says

    Thanx Michel this method works. Wowww!!! I’ve been strugling. Shazam wasn’t working but its now working perfectly.

  18. pano author says

    I had instagram on my phone already and decided to try and download vine so i found this on google and im guessing i did something wrong because not only is my vine not working but my instagram stopped as well….what i did was i installed the runtime 810 and unzipped the files then used the ddpb to sideload the two files. once it finished i checked my phone to see if instagram or vine were working but they werent. every time i hit the icon the menu would just quickly jerk left and thats all. i searched for the two files that i sideloaded so i could delete them and try again but the phone will not allow me to delete them.

  19. BlackRabbit author says

    Can’t run instagram on the latest OS leak. debug token override barfile worked though. got any ideas on how to make them apps work?

  20. Kev author says


    Bit of a numpty when it comes to all this sideloading mullarky but I *really* want Spotify running on my 10.2 Q10.

    Where the above tutorial talks about downloading and installing Runtime 810 and then the latest Spotify version and putting these into folders, am I assuming these are both downloaded to my phone and installed there or do I download them to PC/laptop and go from there? Sorry to sound like a complete novice!

    Shouldn’t really have to go through all this just because Spotify are being arses about an app for BB10 support, but it does work better for me. Failing this, Deezer it is…

    Thanks :)

  21. Kev author says

    Spotify successfully installed using DDPB method. Now to see why it won’t work :( But thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful indeed. Now hopefully whatever other glitch I’ve come across can be overcome too :)

    • author says

      We have two separate tutorials for Spotify, but as to why it won’t work. What do you mean by that? Does it just close as soon as you open it? If so try restarting your device after installing the unlocked Runtime.

  22. Kev author says

    I’ve tried the other method now – the DDPB method with which I was able to actually get the Spotify .bar onto my device, however when opening it just said something along the lines of Spotify has stopped or similar, BUT I’d not installed the runtime (oops) so I’ve now done that, restarted everything and now it’s not crashing on me, but it’s just a white screen, three lines (like a menu option) in the top left corner and in the bottom a < arrow (pressing this just minimises it back to the home screen). I *will* get this to work!!!

  23. Kev author says

    Sir, you are a genius!!!

    I think with following a few different steps from a few different pages, I completely missed this step out!

    Do you actually have a *donate* page :)


    • author says

      Glad it all worked out for you! No donation page, however if you found the article useful we’d appreciate it if you shared it on your social networks! Thanks.

  24. Taha author says

    I get this error message after following the instructions above when trying to open instagram:

    unfortunately, the process has stopped.

  25. keith author says

    I am new to side loading.
    I am running 10.2 official release on my Z10.
    Are you saying I need to load the 2 BAR files described in this thread in order to run converted APK files without having to load a debug token? Will my Z10 on OS10.2 Official release run these converted APK files without loading these 2 BAR files first?

  26. noor author says

    I deleted accidentally while side-loading android apps. How can I get it back?
    pls need help

  27. david author says

    i tried it…everything
    i then did a reboot, when i ran instagram, it showed a blue booting line, after it reached half way, it showed me the process com.andriod.systemapps has stoped…what should i do

  28. CaptainM. author says

    Hey, i just tried your tutorial. and it worked perfectly fine. No restart, no other issues.

    Many thanks from Germany

    Device: BBQ10

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