Ok, first off this is for users running BlackBerry OS 10.2 as I am running OS, we have helped several users install Android apps on their BlackBerry 10 device via this simplified tutorial where a debug token was needed, this how-to will be pretty much straight forward as no debug token or apk converting would be needed, a simple sideload and go method will have your favorite apps running.

I have confirmed Instagram, Vine and Spotify working without the need of a debug token.

Let’s begin:

You would need to install Runtime 810, download link here OR unlocked Android Runtime here.

After you have downloaded Runtime 810, you would need to unzip the folder and sideload the two bar files which are sys.android- & sys.android.shell- (different version number if you install unlocked Android Rutnime). You can sideload these bar files using DDPB or Google Chrome extension

This pretty much does the trick and installs Runtime 810. After that you could download apps that previously needed a workaround and a debug token installed, without that need, anymore. A few apps I’ve tested are Instagram, Vine and Spotify. Enjoy! Let us know in the comments how this works for you and if you all tried installing any other apps after installing Runtime 810 or Unlocked Android Runtime on your BlackBerry 10 device running a leaked 10.2 OS, preferably OS as this is the OS I have installed and confirmed working.

How to get Spotify working:(After installing one of the Runtimes above) ***Updated how-to***
1. Get the latest version of Spotify here. (sideload this bar files using DDPB or Google Chrome extension)

2. After install : start spotify 20 seconds and close

3. Turn off developer mode and password

4. Download zip file folders and copy it to your SD card in:


files/spotifycache .

Copy the two folders Storage and Users here.

Restart may or may not be needed.

Thats it. Enjoy!