So I just thought I would give you a lil tutorial on how to search for people, pages, events or groups on Facebook using your BlackBerry browser. Why? Well I like to believe that Facebook search is a social search engine and if you wanna look for somebody that’s the one place to find them. Yes you could use the Facebook app, but I prefer this method as it gives a better search functionality and options.

What you will need

  1. Facebook account (log in on your browser)
  2. BlackBerry OS7.1 – I have only tested this on my Bold 9900 running OS7.1

BlackBerry Browser search engines

When you open your BlackBerry browser and start searching in the address/search bar on the right end of that bar you might notice the Google icon, this means by default what ever you type in the search bar and search will be searched on Google.


Now in this tutorial we are going to add Facebook Search. As you can see I already have 5 search engines. I actually use 3 there:

  • Google – almost every 20minutes
  • Wikipedia – not so much
  • very often
  • for the rest, I haven’t tried to “yahoo” or “bing” something.


Managing your search engines

Now for us to add Facebook on our search engines we will click ‘Manage…’ (see screen above) and you will get to this:


Next click on ‘New Search Engine’:

  • In the name field type Facebook
  • In the address field type
  • Press the BlackBerry menu key and save.


Now if you return to your browser and type a search term and click the Google icon to view a drop down list of all your search engines, voila, Facebook is now there.


Now select Facebook and search for the search term you typed.


Because of the search parameter, the default view is people, but you can navigate between pages, events and groups. So you can basically search for anything (and find it if its on Facebook) then just navigate between the categories till you find what you are looking for.