Google Voice has got to be one of Google’s most coolest applications. A while back Google Voice was accessed by via invite from someone, which was free of course, but ultimateley the odds on finding someone with a free invite to spare was pretty tough. Well Google has just made Google Voice free for everyone and it is now open for all users. Sign up and get a new number for personal use or even for a business. Google voice can take you places your mobile phone cannot. Enjoy calling and SMS from your personal computer. Have your personal mobile number, as well as your Google Voice number set up on your BlackBerry device. No need to lugg two devices around.

The only draw back with Google Voice is the MMS option. It is not functional, but for situations like that, request the party to send the MMS to your email. If you are like me, have email set up on your BlackBerry so all attachments and emails can be received and viewed. If you are on a personal computer, access the attachments through the web browser. So there is my little tip on how to get around the MMS issue, now go get hooked up with a free new number from Google here >>> Google Voice