This girl risked her life by getting stuck in the gutter for her BlackBerry…

 This girl risked her life by getting stuck in the gutter for her BlackBerry...

A girl in Kent, UK found herself in a pretty weird position today – in the gutter – stuck. Firefighters had to be called in order to get the girl out. For what reason did she get stuck? She dropped her BlackBerry.

Ella Birchenough dropped her BlackBerry as she was walking and surprise surprise – she missed her pocket and her phone went down the gutter. She decided to jump in and get her phone back, only by then she was stuck and firefighters had to be called. She was apparently calm but unfortunately, after all that – her phone was broken.

I have to admit, this made me laugh looking at the picture, but I commend this girl for not giving a f@#k and doing all it takes just to get her BlackBerry back. Unfortunately, her BlackBerry was still broken.


So, the question is, what would you do to rescue your phone? As far as I can remember, I’ve only ever rescued my Z10 from my running bath, the champ survived though after I immediately drowned it in rice for a day.

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Source: The Guardian via CrackBerry


  1. Marnel author says

    Everything content that runs my life is on my BlackBerry. From everyday notes to sensitive work documents. So, yeah… I’d be right in there with her.

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