Full Hands-On Review: OtterBox BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case

As some of you may already know, I recently did a post over the all new OtterBox BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case. Well the outstanding team over at OtterBox decided to grant us the pleasure of having an actual case for a full, maxed out, 360 hands on review. As part of the Built for BlackBerry accessories program, RIM and OtterBox have successfully managed to build a case that will have your new PlayBook fully covered! This multi-layer case is the ultimate defense against heavy drops, bumps, shocks, scratches and dust!

This rugged case was specially customized to fit every nook found on the PlayBook and to fully protect it, all while meeting the users needs. The unopened box upon arrival contains all four parts which consist of:

  1. Hi-impact polycarbonate shell securely snaps around the tablet.
  2. Clear, polycarbonate screen protector is built-in to the shell to protect the screen at all times.
  3. One-piece silicone skin provides an added layer with plugs to cover exposed ports.
  4. Sturdy removable screen cover includes a built-in stand for media viewing or typing and can be used in landscape or portrait view. Additionally, the cover protects the tablet’s front and back camera yet allows for easy accessibility.

Detailed Review on Parts:

RIM’s innovation driven BlackBerry PlayBook lies defenseless but remains exquisite with its magnificent sleek style.

The polycarbonate shell consists of hard plastic which snaps and locks into place keeping your PlayBook safe and secure in one place by its cushion like pads inside.

The polycarbonate case not only maintains your PlayBook in a secure place but it also provides a built-in clear polycarbonate plastic screen which will defend against scratches at all times!

Up next is the one-piece silicone skin that adds an extra layer of protection for any situation. The silicone skin was customized by having it fit every exact corner and allow full capability of button usage. Of course the great minds at OtterBox added support grip ridges along the backside to exclude any unnecessary drops.

The skin not only provides great grip but it also covers all main ports to stop dust from intruding your new PlayBook.

A sturdy plastic screen cover is the deal sealer, not only is it easy to snap into place in front or in the back, it also includes a customized stand which allows the user to place the PlayBook hands-free! Standing on its own, the user can enjoy watching a film, typing an important document, or simply having a video conference call!

The sturdy cover comes with a built-in camera cover which can be opened for easy picture action! Four small silicon pads are included for further traction on surface.

Viewing Stand:

Typing Stand:

The transition from a defenseless piece of technology to a “ready for anything” look can be highly noticeable as the pictures start progressing. Once again OtterBox and RIM have outdone themselves by creating such masterpiece. I myself am fully satisfied since I like to stay connected everywhere, I decided to bring my PlayBook along for a hike at the river and the case fully lived up to its purpose, allowed me to enjoy RIM’s latest technology. OtterBox does truly have technology covered!

A very special thanks to OtterBox PR Support Specialist, Jordan Vater, who made this full hands on review possible! Our team at BlackBerryEmpire.com looks forward to keep on working together with OtterBox to keep providing full insight details on all BlackBerry smartphone cases.

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