Fixmo Web Messenger for BBM BlackBerry Messenger!

Fixmo Web Messenger provides an entirely new experience by allowing you to access your devices BlackBerry® Messenger experience directly from any web browser. To use Fixmo Web Messenger, download and install the Fixmo Web Messenger mobile application on your BlackBerry®. After installing the mobile app, simply visit the Fixmo website and log-in to start using BlackBerry® Messenger on the web with all of the convenience of a full-size keyboard.
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Fixmo Web Messenger Features:
• BlackBerry® Messenger from any web browser on PC or Mac (flash support required)
• Secured communications between the web browser and the BlackBerry® device to ensure your communications remain safe
• Access the Fixmo Web application through either: the Fixmo website, the Fixmo Web Messenger iGoogle gadget or the Fixmo Web Messenger Facebook application

What’s new in Fixmo Web Messenger?
• Support for international characters
• Significantly reduced lag with new “Local Wifi” option
• Browser “Pop-out” option to always keep BBM visible on your PC
• New incoming message alert – browser tab “flashes” when new BBM comes in, so you can keep your BlackBerry on silent.
• Further enhanced end-to-end message security
• Minor bug fixes

 Fixmo Web Messenger for BBM BlackBerry Messenger!
Any comments/questions? Shoot me an e-mail: Michael @ Feel free to add me on BBM: PIN 2AF2FB53. Fastest way to get a response: Ask in the forum Instagram @michaelheredia21
 Fixmo Web Messenger for BBM BlackBerry Messenger!

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