Fairfax sells 5.2 million (10%) of its BlackBerry shares

Logo Fairfax Financial Fairfax sells 5.2 million (10%) of its BlackBerry shares

BlackBerry’s largest shareholder FairFax Financial has sold off 5.2 million shares according to a regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Fairfax is the second-largest shareholder in BlackBerry behind Primecap Management, which has a 10.4%t stake or nearly 54.9 million shares.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is looking to break even by the end of next February, hopefully start seeing a positive cash flow by then.

Source: CBC.CA


  1. Raider1854 author says

    Why is this being posted as if it’s new news. This is old and was a rebalancing of shares in order to stay in line with BlackBerrys and Prem Watsa agreement of not owning more than 19.9% shares or less than 9%. He overbought and had to sell shares to fall in line with that agreement.

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