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“Today was a good day” A summary of what to expect from BlackBerry for the rest of this year

Yesterday was a big day for BlackBerry, not only did the company post some pretty sweet financial results in which sent the stocks as high as 14%, John Chen and his team laid out some pretty cool information for fans and bloggers to be excited for. You can pretty much (for now) expect news coming from the company each month (apart from August and October) until the end of this year, including devices, events and services. 

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Why I think BlackBerry’s investment in NantHealth is a smart one.

Yesterday, we told you that BlackBerry had invested in medical IT leader company, NantHealth. In simple terms, BlackBerry will provide their QNX software to power their medical devices, BBM for instant, secure and reliable communication and last but not least, their beautiful smartphone devices. In this blog post, I explain why BlackBerry’s investment in NantHealth is exciting and what type of device they both have planned.

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Why Bringing Back The ‘Tool Belt’ Might Just Work For BlackBerry

I think we can all agree that today’s BlackBerry Q20 announcement was a bit of a shocker. After putting so much time, effort, and money into bringing BlackBerry up-to-speed with the rest of the smartphone industry, bringing back the ‘tool belt’ of function keys has struck some folks as a step backwards. But after giving it a bit of thought, I think this move might just work in BlackBerry’s favour. Allow me to explain.

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Good-bye 2013, Hello 2014

Looking ahead into the new calendar year we know BlackBerry is operating under a new Chief Executive Officer in John Chen who has been vocal about the positive turnaround he intends to take BlackBerry. How this is done is going to be through change. A change in management and a change of future structure is needed so the company can not only become profitable again but survive.

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BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins To Make $55.6 Million If Company Sells

While Thorsten Heins has vowed to turned BlackBerry around as he took over as the CEO of company, some interesting bit of news claims he is entitled to $55.6 million dollars if the company is sold and he is ousted as CEO. Yes, this is quite a bit of money for any individual, but for someone to take over a company, make all these promises and the company doesn’t quite turn out the way he expected or claimed to turn around furthermore, move forward, what will that say for him advancing in a different career path? Not a good feeling or happy ending. More information on the $55.6 million Heins is entitled to with a change of control:

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Your Data or Your Life: Protect Your BlackBerry Against Hackers, Theft

Your BlackBerry device is more than just a phone. It’s akin to a mini-computer that contains vital information and sensitive data that could cause you a world of woes in the hands of hackers and thieves. Keep your smartphone data safe, secure and untouchable by treating your BlackBerry. Even the newest smartphones can have minor vulnerabilities, but we’re giving you ways to protect.

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Experience Unique Gaming with 5 Reel Slot Machines BBM Apps

BlackBerry Mobile is among the Power Trio in the Smartphone  technology and much has been said that between the three, BlackBerry lacks the edge in terms of producing great game apps of its own.  The truth is, what it lacks in numbers it makes up for quality.  The game reviews are magnificent, they are unlike a dozen of apps that are merely clones of the leading game. In other words, BBM apps offer a selected offering among these slots games that are definitely unique and irresistible.

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Are You Surprised Of BlackBerry Z10 Price Drop?

Are you surprised that Verizon, AT&T and Best Buy have dropped the price of the BlackBerry Z10 to a quarter of the normal price? I’ve used the BlackBerry Z10 for about 3-4 months, loved the device and the BlackBerry Z10 OS, the question is why are all these companies dropping the prices on such a great device. Are sales that bad? It may not be as bad as it seems, this is somewhat normal as new devices are rolling out. I would say people hear about BlackBerry not doing so good as a company in its transitioning stage with new CEO Thorsten Heins, who has been in office for over a year now but still making several changes in the day to day operations, including

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Site Owners: Make Your Website Faster on BlackBerry smartphone browsers using MaxCDN

Who doesn’t like fast loading speeds? We know we appreciate browser speeds on our BlackBerry smartphone devices! MaxCDN offers a premium quality content delivery network to speed up your site by taking the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images, onto our network of servers, which will then store the files for later use. We at BlackBerry Empire have always

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Why BlackBerry, Why Now?

While the NASDAQ, DJI, and S&P 500 took a dive  today – it seems BlackBerry was feeling quite optimistic. I, like everyone else out there that has money in the stock market, enjoy waking up in the morning and seeing all those green numbers on my screen, however, today – my screen was covered in red. BlackBerry was the sole security that refused to go down, on a down day. Green. This is the kind of defiance I love to see from this company. 

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Why Netflixgate Feels Like Angry Birds…Gate

Reading all this news about Angry Birds Space coming to BlackBerry 10 really takes me back… A few of us “die-hards” have been around long enough to remember a time when the lives of BlackBerry users were left gaping prior to the release of Angry Birds . I remember reading a lot of posts that centered around the “Why us” or “Why not” premise. The frustration surrounding why a developer would turn down the BlackBerry platform has been an almost never-ending emotional roller coaster. Of course, we didn’t have it nearly as bad with Angry Birds as we do now with Netflix. This thought had occurred to me whilst playing my free version of Angry Birds Star Wars edition and thinking back to the post I threw up on the blogs regarding the comments of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. If you don’t recall, he stated that “[BlackBerry is] a great device for getting work done but people don’t interact with it as an entertainment device” and was not interested in developing on BlackBerry 10.

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