Last Friday, BlackBerry Empire launched a quick poll to gauge readers’ perception1 on RIM and the BlackBerry brand in light of the former’s Q4 and 2012 Fiscal Year-End earnings.  Although the results truly indicate the general outlook of people very clearly, here’s what we think about the results.

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The poll had a total of 78 unique respondents across the globe.  We would have wanted to get it up to a hundred for a good rounded number of respondents (and yeah, it makes computing percentages much easier!).

So that you won’t have to check back on the poll page, here’s what people shared on the question: After RIM’s 2012 Fiscal Report, what is your general outlook on RIM and the BlackBerry brand?

We’re sure that Research In Motion would be pleased to see the results, which clearly indicate that people who participated in the poll2 remain optimistic about RIM and the BlackBerry’s future.  A resounding 60% of the respondents expressed optimism (combined results for Fairly Optimistic and Very Optimistic), as opposed to only 12% of respondents expressing concern (combined Not Too Good and Really Not Good).

The 60% “Optimistic” votes indicate that people still believe in RIM and the BlackBerry brand.  This could either be based on previous experience with RIM and BlackBerry smartphones over the years (its history of success), or on how RIM is currently handling things (current resolve).  In case you haven’t noticed, RIM continues to press on, reaching out to developers (e.g. BlackBerry Jam, Innovation Forum, etc.), partnering with the academe in fostering the evolution of mobile communication (e.g. Carleton University, Pace University) and innovating (e.g. Mobile Fusion, OS enhancements, etc.).  It’s possible that RIM, through these efforts, has successfully sent the message that it’s “Business as usual” for them.

The 12% “Quite Concerned” votes (i.e. Not Too Good, and Really Not Good) suggest that there are really people who are quite affected with the recent turn of events for RIM and the BlackBerry.  Why not? With all the negative publicity seemingly targeting RIM and the BlackBerry brand, we can surmise that these are getting to people too.  It’s important to note though, that RIM may partly be responsible for these.  If there weren’t enough “setbacks” for people to notice, then such negative publicity could have been avoided.  Safe to say, the 12% represent the people who have started to doubt RIM and the BlackBerry.

It’s also important to note the 24% “Mixed” vote.  This represents people whose views could swing either way, depending on how RIM plays it for the coming months.   Safe to say, these would most likely include people who are waiting to see if BlackBerry 10 really does deliver what it promises, and if RIM will be able to get it out on schedule.

The 4% “No Comment” votes seem to indicate that there are people who probably don’t put much weight on RIM’s financial report.  These may include people who may not really care much because they know that there are other options, other platforms to consider should RIM and the BlackBerry really crumble.  Then again, this may also include people who have seen how companies experience financial challenges and bounce back from them.

Overall, it’s safe to say that, based on the number of individuals who participated in the poll3, more people are still generally optimistic about RIM and BlackBerry, but recent developments have left some people either becoming quite concerned and anticipating what will happen next.  As it stands, BlackBerry 10 seems to be that next milestone for RIM.  If BlackBerry 10 pushes out as planned, and delivers what it promises to enterprise customers and the individual consumer market, then RIM could be well on its way to regaining its foothold on smartphone technology, and mobile communications in general.


Note: Feature Photo from a previous BlackBerry Empire article.

Notes:  1  Specified. Originally indicated “the perception of people”; 2 Specified. Originally indicated “people” only; 3 Added clause to indicate basis of statement.