Easiest way to get latest version of Spotify on BlackBerry 10

spotify logo primary 580x262 Easiest way to get latest version of Spotify on BlackBerry 10

By popular demand, I will show you how to get the latest version of Spotify on BlackBerry 10, the easiest way. I previously made two how-tos on this before, but it quickly became outdated and there is no longer a debug token needed, makes it a lot easier I would say.

If you haven’t already you can check out the previous how-tos here and here. Going to make this as simple as possible.


Spotify BAR file:

As the debug token is no longer needed with the unlocked runtime, simple sideload of the BAR file will work. Previous how-to had Spotify 0.6, I decided to upload the latest for you all which could be downloaded here scroll all the way to the bottom of that thread to download version

If you are not familiar with sideloading, as you will need to sideload the unlocked runtime and Spotify BAR file see how-to here or here.

After both are sideloaded, restart your device.

If after sideloading Spotify opens but with a blank (white screen) follow this:

- Download zip file folders and copy it to your SD card in:


files/spotifycache .

- Copy the two folders Storage and Users here.

- Restart may or may not be needed

Enjoy. If you have any questions drop a comment below.

 Easiest way to get latest version of Spotify on BlackBerry 10
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 Easiest way to get latest version of Spotify on BlackBerry 10


  1. Niels author says


    First thanks for this nice tutorial. But i have a problem after i download like 60 songs spotify says that i have no storage space left. But i have en 64Gb that is almost empty. I already downloaded the zip files to my sd card.

    Do you know a solution for this problem.

  2. M author says


    When I sideload spotify onto my Q10 and open the app, its just a blackberry logo and a loading bar. It loads to about half way then just stops and goes super slow and eventually just exits out of the app. Any ideas?


  3. graeham author says

    I got Snapchat to work, but having trouble with Spotify.

    I get the white screen on boot, with an error message saying I should reinstall Spotify. Ive done that a few times now with no luck.

    Should the folder for the spotifycache files be created on installing Spotify, or do I have to create it? Ive been creating it. I am assuming the \Android\ initial folder goes in the root of the SDCARD, along with books, camera, documents, downloads…?

    Thanks for help!

  4. Mark author says

    my daughter has a z10, lovely phone but…..
    downloaded and installed the 810 Runtime (both files in zip file) and rebooted.
    downloaded and installed the bar file using the Google method. Prompted to allow spotify access to internet.
    launched, white screen only. Downloaded the folders as described and placed them where instructed.
    Rebooted phone.
    Launched Spotify, black screen, blackberry logo, slow moving update bar and then a black background for spotify and nothing else.
    Phone just updated to software release with and OS of
    Any help appreciated, she’s desperate to get this (and other apps) working.

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