Finally an e-mail spam blocker app that gets the job done. Are you receiving any junk mails on your phone or you want to block emails from certain Email ID, then your search ends here. You are on the right path. Email Blocker will do this all for you. You do not create do create any filters or lengthy procedure to block any mail just click on the menu and add to email Blocker list and forget if you were ever receiving mails from that ID.You can also block emails on the basis of Spam Text.


1. Blocks Emails from Email ID’s
2. Opt to delete the mail or mark as read to review it later.
3. One click Menu option to add directly from Message Inbox.
4. Can create filter on basis of Spam Text. Just add text and block email. Spam text will apply on Subject and Body of email.
5. Maintains log of blocked Emails and clear them automatically.
6. Intuitive UI and easy to use.
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