Download the MR OS release for all BlackBerry 10 devices

wpid Copy of blackberry os leak1 580x3191 Download the MR OS release for all BlackBerry 10 devices

Just days after the 1761  release for BlackBerry 10 devices (apart from the Z30) this one also includes the Z30. This appears to be a maintenance release including  a few bug fixes and several updated apps.

Again, Remember, BlackBerry Empire is not responsible for what you do with your device whilst loading this leak.

Have a read through of any changes and notes:

Hello BlackBerry people,
Please make sure to read the entire post. Thank you
Another week another leak… or 3. We present to you for all devices. Obviously the version number has barely changed, so once again this is very similar to the last few builds we have pushed out (1725, 1743, and 1761).
Disclaimer: Installing this is at your own risk. No one here is responsible for what happens to your device except you. Please be careful, responsible and informed. Remember to search, read, then ask 
Usual questions first:
This build has a locked runtime. If you have apps which require it you will need a debug token. You can find instructions on using a debug token here thanks to xsacha.
You are able to hide the Android navigation bar.
Looks like the editing in Docs to Go has been fixed.
One group member had SMS issues upon first load. Patience and reboots seemed to clear it up.

These are the updated apps from 1761 to 1767:

In the OS itself:
*Updated carrier bars
*Updated translations
-Hub fixes
-APN setting fixes
-NDK fixes
-Keyboard fixes
-Various AIR fixes

Z10 STL100-1
Z10 STL100-2/3/4
Q10/Q5 SQN100-X/SQR100-X
Z30 STA100-X

Thanks to the BerryLeaks team!

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