deReset allows you to schedule periodic device reset (equivalent to a battery pull)
allowing BlackBerry OS to thoroughly verify device data, remove unreferenced objects,
claim back unneeded resources and refresh your device.

Of course you can always perform a quick Device Reset NOW ! when needed.

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(?) Your device slows to a crawl after several days of heavy usage ?
(?) Third party apps consume too much memory ?
(?) You broke a nail (again) while pulling your battery ?

If the answer to one of the questions above is “Yes”, then you need deReset !

BlackBerry® devices are designed for stability – in basic configuration,
you can use them for months without a hitch. But no matter how much memory your device has,
memory is still a limited resource – and if you are heavy user of third party applications,
free memory will slowly decrease over time, thus ruining your experience with your device.

deReset allows you to take back those precious bits of free memory – automatically
in background – and when you wake up in the morning, your device will behave as new !

* Performs device reset (equivalent to a battery pull)
* Device reset is entirely automated (no need for manual actions)
* Support for scheduled resets (daily or weekly)
* Support for scheduled resets when device is in “power off” mode
* Auto unlock for devices with Enabled SIM Security
* Auto unlock for devices protected with device password
* Automatically closes the annoying “Restart complete” dialog
* After scheduled reset device is up and ready to use
* Scheduler detects when you are talking on phone and displays confirmation dialog once the call is over
* Scheduler detects “in holster” situations and displays confirmation dialog
* Before reset, scheduler displays notification for 10 seconds, allowing you to cancel the reset
* Scheduler automatically handles date, time and timezone changes
* Support for “one click” reset via separate shortcut
* Blinking LED to indicate when deReset is performing reset
* Full log of all events
* Support for latest OS versions (including OS 6.0)
* FREE (and effective) support
* 15 days FREE TRIAL