“The No. 1 objective is making BlackBerry synonymous with work”, says BlackBerry’s Senior VP of Marketing

Mark Wilson

Marketing, one of things many people including analysts, fanboys, haters and bloggers and the media alike have expressed their opinions on why BlackBerry is in the current state it’s in today. That’s all about to change though, according to BlackBerry’s newly appointed Senior VP of Marketing, Mark Wilson.

The BlackBerry Security Summit event will be held on Tuesday July 29th, in New York City

BlackBerry Security Summit

As announced by John Chen during the earnings call just last month, the BlackBerry Security Summit event will take place in New York on Tuesday, July 29th at the The Museum of Arts and Design to address the current situation and trends in secure enterprise mobility.

Are you sure about that? BlackBerry Fact Check’s CEO’s of MobileIron and Good Technology

Are You Sure

CEO’s don’t have the easiest job, especially when they get asked questions they’d rather not answer right away. However, such is life and questions require answering. However, what happens when you state the wrong facts about your competitor? You’ll end up looking like a fool. BlackBerry fact check’s the CEO’s of their competitors MobileIron and […]

BlackBerry Fact Check – BlackBerry 10 vs Apple’s iOS 8 for Enterprises


During Apple’s WWDC event, Apple unveiled iOS 8. Whilst doing so, the company did not hold back when discussing features for the enterprise including security, data management and productivity. Whilst that was admirable for 5 minutes, BlackBerry, more so BlackBerry 10 is reigning king when it comes to Enterprise, Productivity, Data and Device Management and last […]

BlackBerry updates Good Technology’s outdated competitor comparison sheet, courtesy of the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal


BlackBerry has kindly updated Good Technology’s comparison white paper sheet. Good Technology’s marketing team didn’t think their potential customers would look no further than Good Technology. Ofcourse, why would they when their comparison sheet makes them look like the best MDM solution in the industry. Until now…

BlackBerry Fact Check – BlackBerry has NOT sold QNX Software Systems or any of its Assets to Volkswagen Infotainment GmbH

BlackBerry Fact Check - Volkswagen

Another Fact Check coming in after an article surrounding BlackBerry’s subsidiary QNX Software Systems which was posted on Seeking Alpha yesterday. BlackBerry struck a deal with Volkswagen, yes, but did BlackBerry also hand Volkswagen their QNX team? NO. FACT – QNX Software Systems along with members of that department remain a part of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Fact Check: BlackBerry Continues to Deliver Industry-Leading Security to Government Customers


When BlackBerry is mentioned, security is also mentioned. There is no doubt that BlackBerry has the best mobile security in the business and has years’ experience in providing government organisations. FACT – BlackBerry continues to provide government customers, despite rumours and speculations suggesting otherwise.