Lately the expectations from RIM towards its innovation driven BlackBerry PlayBook have yet to be successful when compared to quarterly sales from Android or Ipad shipments but the set back might be over. RIM in an attempt to open a new chapter for the PlayBook, especially in TV applications, plans to launch programs designed to drive consumer sell-through.

The long awaited PlayBook 2.0 software update will come in hopefully around the end of September or early October, not only will this bring a buzz to the community but a BlackBerry Video store containing 10,000 movies, TV shows to buy, rent, same‐day release as DVD and HDMI output to a TV will do the same as well. In addition, to just show how well the platform has picked up video applications, the new device update will include an Android App player!

RIM has yet to confirm a date for the BlackBerry Video store but all these innovation driven moves will definitely get BlackBerry and PlayBook users excited and will help alleviate their long awaited suspenseful wait for futuristic technology.