T-Mobile offering BlackBerry customers $100 off any device it carries, including the Z10 or Q10


Just a few days ago we let you know that BlackBerry is offering T-Mobile customers $100 off the purchase price of a BlackBerry Z10, Q5, or Q10 from the ShopBlackBerry store. Well it seems that T-Mobile CEO John Legere didn’t want to be out done so he has posted an open letter to the “BlackBerry […]

T-Mobile starts offering BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 devices on their consumer site again


As many of you are aware BlackBerry and T-Mobile have not been on the best of terms lately. First T-Mobile stopped carrying BlackBerry devices in their retail stores and then last month they sent out an email letting folks know that customers should trade in their existing BlackBerry for an iPhone. On top of that […]

T-Mobile selling refurbished BlackBerry Q10 devices for only $384 off-contract

Q10 Refurbished T-Mobile

It has been a hectic week in regards to T-Mobile and BlackBerry, however we let you all know yesterday that John Legere was going to get with his team to put BlackBerry 10 devices back on their consumer, non-business site and they have done just that now offering the BlackBerry Q10 for only $384 refurbished, off-contract […]

Tilt for BlackBerry 10 now Available on BlackBerry World


As BlackBerry Empire reported last week, ReFocus Labs’  Tilt for BlackBerry 10 officially launches today!  The app is now available on BlackBerry World!  The cool, innovative app manages the following for you:

Top EA Games FREE for BlackBerry devices this month

Free EA Games BlackBerry

BlackBerry and EA have teamed up to offer free games to BlackBerry users, the games are available for BlackBerry 10 devices. While not all countries are taking part of this several readers have reported they are seeing this promotion on their devices via BlackBerry World. Check out the list of free games from EA:

FREE BlackBerry Accessories for BlackBerry Q10/Z10 customers in the US! – $120 Value

BlackBerry FREE

This just in, BlackBerry offering a FREE complimentary accessory bundle for those customers in the US, worth $120 of free premium BlackBerry products! All you have to do is submit your device PIN, enter a coupon code and you can select a BlackBerry 10 charger bundle, leather holster and a premium stereo headset! The deal […]

Mugen Power 4400mAh Extended Battery for BlackBerry Q10


Looking to increase the battery life on your BlackBerry Q10? Mugen Power just released a massive 4400mAh extended battery with battery door for the device, which is said to last 2.1 times longer than the standard OEM battery. “BlackBerry Q10 owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked […]

ShopBlackBerry.com Launches Sales of Unlocked BlackBerry Smartphones in the U.S.


We let you know a few weeks ago that ShopBlackBerry.com was selling unlocked BlackBerry 10 devices, today BlackBerry made the announcement of their selling of these devices in the U.S.. “Our first two breakthrough BlackBerry 10 smartphones are the first to be launched, and we expect to make additional BlackBerry smartphones available on an unlocked […]