Instructions for paring BlackBerry device as a keyboard/mouse with PS3:

1) BB: Turn your bluetooth on,. Make sure it is not connected to any other device, and set your connection options as “Discoverable – Yes”

2) PS3: Turn on your Playstation and goto Accessory Settings -> Manage BlueTooth Devices

3) BB: IMPORTANT: Goto your BlackBerry and open the Remote Bridge app, so it says “connecting”. It MUST say connecting, or it won’t work. If it times out, it won’t work, so you have to move fast from this point forward.

4) PS3: “Register New Device” and click “Start Scanning”. It took literally about 3 minutes to find my 9900, so it may take a while to pair. Sometimes it didn’t find it at all, and other times it was under a minute.

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5) PS3: You’ll get a screen with the name of your device once it finds it. Click on it and it will ask you for a pass key. I used “4444” – I don’t think it matters what it is. When you click Ok, you should see your BB prompt you for a numeric passkey. Enter “4444”.

Note: If you don’t see the prompt after your PS3 finds your BB, press the red “hang up” button (but don’t exit the remote app), and it should be on your main screen.

6) PS3: After about 30 seconds, your phone will say the pairing is successful, but your PlayStation will likely give you an error (An Error occurred during the register operation) or it will stay on the “registering” screen. It doesn’t matter though, as soon as your bluetooth on your phone is connected press the “circle” on the PS3 to cancel the pairing.

7) BB: Your device won’t show up on the PS3, but it should be paired at this point. If you are stuck on the cancel screen on the PS3, turn your bluetooth off on your BB and then back on again.

8) PS3: Open any chat window and start typing from your BB keyboard! yey.


Check out image below of BlackBerry device working as a keyboard/mouse on PS3:

Pairing instructions via @footose