Earlier today over on the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog the 10.3 SDK beta OS was announced and BlackBerry let developers know what to expect from the 10.3 OS. They talked about the SDK roadmap updates, and how they delivered on new features as well as tooling improvements. BlackBerry also cleared up any confusion about what devices will be receiving an offical 10.3 update and to be totally honest, it kinda sucks.

We have pulled out some of the content from that Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog post so you can see what we are talking about.

Here’s the first part that we wanted to point out to all of you.

Another important note for developers is that BlackBerry 10.3 is targeted only for new device hardware being introduced later this year.

So if i’m reading that part correctly the 10.3 OS will only be for new devices that are coming out later this year, but not for any of the existing BlackBery 10 devices currently out. This is just terrible news because the lastest 10.3 leaked OS that I have on my BlackBerry Q10 has so many new features and improvements on it.

Now before you all run out and start blasting BlackBerry on Twitter or other social media sites there is some good news further down on that Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog post.

Now that you know that BlackBerry 10.3 targets new hardware and that the BlackBerry Classic device is arriving this year, I’d like to clarify that the BlackBerry Classic will launch with 10.3.1. BlackBerry 10.3.1 will also be available to all current BlackBerry 10 smartphones as an OS update later this year.

So it does look like even though BlackBerry is going to use the 10.3 OS for new devices those of us on existing devices will be seeing an offical update for the 10.3.1 OS. The only part that sucks about that though is how long it will be before 10.3.1 is actually released to everyone.

For any of you that want to read the whole Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog post you can do that by going here. I personally don’t understand BlackBerry’s thinking on this but it is what it is. Be sure to hit up the comments and let’s us know your thoughts and opinion about all of this.