BlackBerry 10 Will Sync to Outlook Through USB Soon

BlackBerry Link 580x351 BlackBerry 10 Will Sync to Outlook Through USB Soon
For those of you that have been wondering where the ability to sync your contacts and calendars on your BlackBerry Z10 and Outlook through your USB Ty over at BlackBerry has confirmed that this convenient feature is coming through BlackBerry Link soon.
Here is what Ty had to say about it over at the BlackBerry Support Community Forums.

Hi it’s Ty from BlackBerry.

We want to thank you for your feedback and to let you know that we are listening.

Some of you on this thread are asking how to sync PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer in general. Others just want to do this directly between the phone and computer. We want to address both here.

With BlackBerry 10 the syncing of PIM data between your BlackBerry Z10 and computer can be easily configured to happen over the air.  You need to add your existing webmail accounts on the BlackBerry Z10 and set the email, contacts, calendar for syncing. We have posted information on how to do this for example with on the Help Blog.

For those of you for whom over the air synchronization is not an option, we want to assure you that direct sync via USB is also being worked on and we are committed on adding this capability as part of our BlackBerry Link software suite. Our first major update for BlackBerry Link coming in the next few weeks will include the ability to import contact and calendar information directly from Outlook to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Full two-way sync will be added in the next update shortly thereafter. We will provide more information about timing of these features on our various forums and blogs, but you can also look for updates at

Let us know in the comments, do you sync your BlackBerry through USB or some other method? I’m still old school and just use the USB cables.

Source: BerryReview

 BlackBerry 10 Will Sync to Outlook Through USB Soon

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 BlackBerry 10 Will Sync to Outlook Through USB Soon


  1. jeremy says

    i am apalled, i went into o2 yesterday and explained that i need a phone that will sync with outlook, under advice i bought the z10 but after spending 5 hours (so far today) i have established that it does not sync with outlook, unless you learn some very advanced programming features and choose to sync it using a hotmail account or of the like, i now know why rim are in trouble, they should train their resellers about their products. On my way back to o2 now to take the z10 back and go back to my Bold. aaaarrggghhh !

    • Rein says

      Yup. I bought a Z10 on day one and returned it two days later after way too many hours fighting this synchronization issue. Back to my Torch. Still monitoring BB news because I have not written off the possiblity of re-purchasing a Z10 only because Kies software for Samsung apparently is a dog and I really don’t want an iPhone (if BB brings back synchronization). What amazes me is that there is nothing from BB on this other than this vague message from “Ty” that has been circulating all over blogs dealing with the Outlook issue. Fer cryin’ out loud….

  2. UK Citizen says

    Well why would you buy a Blackberry ? Obviously – a mature product for adults – a tool not a toy. Amongst all the shiny baubles designed for magpies, children and dribblers there was one phone range for those that had a job.

    That was yesterday. The modern BB way is to become another useless piece of cack. Interestingly I spent a long time last weekend trying to copy contacts from outlook to an android sony xperia T. Well what a struggle, simply no intrinsic process within android. “Typical of a stupid shiny toy, at least when my new BB arrives it’ll be straight into desktop and done in 15 seconds” I thought to myself !!!


    Forget it BB have made it easy for you to copy the essentials like music and videos and associated crap to the phone – but your work contacts – forget it.

    If there was a way I could send this sh*t back I would.

  3. Trying2BLoyal says

    It appears to have been over a month since the posting about the BB promise of USB synchronization. So far the only thing that has surfaced is a oneway sync solution which is pretty useless when you consider life continues in both directions after the fact The z10 is now in AT&T stores and on Thursday in Verizon and other stores. BB had better step up their efforts to satisfy the business community’s needs for the USB sync to Outlook or I am afraid they are going to lose their moment. I truely want to continue my 10 year relation with BB but will continue to hold out on a 10 phone purchase until there is a reliable 2-way USB synchronization with Outlook in place. I really hate to be forced to Apple or Android because there are so many other things I like about BB.

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