BeBuzz updated to v4.0.61 w/changelog & OTA links

2128pir BeBuzz updated to v4.0.61 w/changelog & OTA links
BeBuzz updated to v4.0.61
Here is the changelog for current and previous versions:

Version 4.0.61 – Mar 5th 19:00 EST
- Potential fix for LED not stopping to flash for e-mails

Version 4.0.60 – Mar 3rd 17:30 EST
- Fixed toasts unlocking device when BeBuzz option ‘Enable backlight on toast’ is turned on

Version 4.0.59 – Mar 3rd 14:30 EST
- Fixed MMS not triggering LED on OS 6.0

Version 4.0.58 – Mar 3rd 02:30 EST
- Reminders set to ‘Use BlackBerry Profile’ will always be played regardless of profile settings in BeBuzz options (Fixes no vibrate in missed calls)
- Added separate vibrate settings to missed calls
- Fixed some occurrences of ‘BerryBuzz’ in profile items to ‘BeBuzz’

Version 4.0.55 – Mar 2nd 02:00 EST
- Fixed incoming SMS not showing sender’s name from address book / sometimes not showing message body.
- Changed icon for SMS
- Added Chat for Facebook Pro

Version 4.0.51 – Mar 1st 19:00 EST
- Added support for BlackBerry News Feeds
- Added support for WhatsApp GroupChat
- Added support for Improved Chat for Facebook
- Fixed ‘Use BlackBerry Profile’ for reminders sometimes not working/items in BlackBerry profiles disappearing

OTA OS6 - here
OTA OS5 - here
OTA OS 4.7 - here
OTA 4.2.1 - here

 BeBuzz updated to v4.0.61 w/changelog & OTA links
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 BeBuzz updated to v4.0.61 w/changelog & OTA links

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