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Grew up in San Francisco, now live in Los Angeles. I am an Executive Manager at a heavy duty parts and repair company. I love technology - mostly all things BlackBerry related - and I enjoy sharing my opinions with people and helping to spread the good work of BlackBerry. You can contact me at anthony (at) blackberryempire (dot) com, find me on twitter @the_ruined, or catch me on BBM, PIN: 333D7B6B

Obama facing Blackberry blackout
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BlackBerry has a rough week; Whitehouse teetering, analyst upgrades, earnings, and more

The Wall Street Journal reported late yesterday that the White House technology team and White House Communications Agency are working on testing alternate devices for use by The White House and President Obama, but are allegedly “months away” from qualifying those devices for use. Analysts at CSLA lift BBRY rating to “underperform” from sell, marking the first time this March we’ve heard a positive bit of news on the stock. Year-end earnings approach, as we near March 28th; Chen and BlackBerry are making moves to get lean and dominate – will they work?

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Tap in to a Tims – BlackBerry teams up with Joffrey Lupul and Tim Hortons

Canadian icon and Toronto Maple Leafs winger & alternate captain, Joffrey Lupul, popped in to a Tim Hortons today to show off the new TimmyMe app for BlackBerry 10 and to show his support for the BlackBerry  platform by buying patrons a coffee using the app compliments of BlackBerry.  We first heard of this partnership back in June of 2013 when Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment announced BlackBerry would be the Official Mobile Computing Partner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Marlies, enabling the teams to connect with fans and foster real-time engagement experiences by sharing information and updates through new platforms and a BBM Channel. Hit the break for more pictures and information about the event. 

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holiday contest
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Holiday Giveaway: Win a FREE BlackBerry Z30 Exclusively from BlackBerry Empire

Well this year is certainly a special one for BlackBerry Empire as we have seen our reader base grow exponentially, our BlackBerry Empire search is probably better than Google itself, our new forum is up and running and better than ever, and we have given you, our readers, exclusive looks into the latest and greatest BlackBerry 10 devices all year long! So we’ve partnered up with the good folks over at BlackBerry and have conjured up a sweet holiday giveaway to show you all just how much we appreciate the support.

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T-Mobile announces support for BES 10 in the US

Not so surprising news this morning, but it appears as if T-Mobile has risen to the occasion as the first US carrier to fully offer and support BlackBerry BES 10 in the United States. Recently, we’ve posted on the strategic focus for BlackBerry shifting to a more sustainable business model; focusing more on the enterprise side of things. With a new CEO in tow for the past month, BlackBerry has taken the first step to secure BES 10 as one of the main proponents of US enterprise by partnering up with T-Mobile to host secure business solutions via a hosted mobility management solution that encompasses not only BlackBerry, but Apple and Android devices as well.

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BlackBerry Jam Direct Android Virtual Conference tomorrow

A week ago, we posted about the new approach BlackBerry is taking to help draw in developers and educate those interested in developing for the platform. This is of course, in the wake of new that BlackBerry Jam Europe was being cancelled. I personally haven’t tried it, but it sounds like an effective way for distributing information, without limiting the participation.

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Reports shows BlackBerry market share almost zero in major global markets

According to reports from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech that were recently released, BlackBerry market share has taken a huge turn for the worst in recent months. Following the strategic sale and potential buyout, BlackBerry has been turning heads, and now, many are seeing that it is for all the wrong reasons. Shortly following the firing of CEO Thorsten Heins and an executive upheaval, Kantar released a report showing that in major markets across the world, BlackBerry has an almost non-existent market share. 

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Vivint Home Security APK for BlackBerry 10

For those of you that have taken the leap and invested in a home security system, particularly Vivint, this post is for you. Recently, I’ve taken the initiative to install this home security system and was attracted to the fact that they supported BlackBerry 10. Or at least that is what I was lead to believe. Well, it turns out that they support legacy devices, which is cool, but very disappointing. Lucky for me, I found the APK!

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Hands on with the Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Z30

The BlackBerry Z30 is here and brings a lot of what was desired from the original Z10 device, now in a sexier package. Sporting a 5” AMOLED screen and an extended battery that is sure to keep you productive for hours to come. In short, the BlackBerry Z30 is sure to please. The BlackBerry Empire team was fortunate enough to get our hands on a US version of the Z30 – STA100-3 – on Verizon Wireless. Read on for my thoughts on this beautiful piece of technology.

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Lazaridis, Fregin exploring joint bid with Cerberus Capital

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Mike Lazaridis, former Co-CEO of Research in Motion, is near an agreement with Cerberus Capital Management to enter the ring with a bid that can potentially open up the playing field for the bid on BlackBerry. Not only will Lazaridis be joining Cerberus, Doug Fregin – one of the original and not very well known co-founders of Research in Motion – will also be entering the joint bid for the company. 

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Facebook enters the ring as talks with BlackBerry Execs may signal interest

Guess this isn’t really news, but rumor. However, the Wall Street Journal reports today that Facebook has stepped into talks with BlackBerry executives regarding a potential bid for the company by the Silicon Valley social media giant. Facebook has been a well-known supporter of the BlackBerry platform for years now, once upon a time exclusively supporting the platform and it’s prioritization on mobile security. 

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Verizon Wireless first US carrier to announce Z30 release and pricing

Here it is. What we’ve all been waiting for. Today is the day Verizon Wireless chose to make the announcement on pricing and availability of the new BlackBerry Z30 phone we’ve been hearing so much about. This makes VZW the first carrier in the US to confirm it’s support of the new BlackBerry phone and affirm it’s position to think BlackBerry may still have what it takes to make it. It seems like Verizon is really pumped about the big screen and having something that can potentially compete against the “phablets” while providing a bit more substance and diversity in the market. Keep reading for the announcement from Verizon:

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Former Apple CEO Sculley considering bid for BlackBerry

The Globe and Mail reports that John Sculley, the former Apple Inc. CEO who was partially responsible for the removal of Jobs from Apple in the 80’s, is considering bidding for BlackBerry Ltd. with Canadian partners. It seems as if more interest is being sparked in BlackBerry and at such an alarming rate. It’s no surprise every time a new suitor emerges thinking they have what it takes for BlackBerry to succeed.

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Coller Capital joins the fray in bidding for BlackBerry

Coller Capital, a leading British private equity firm specializing in secondaries, has announced publicly that it is interested in pursuing BlackBerry in the never ending story that is the BlackBerry takeover. What this means for BlackBerry? Nothing yet. Just more interest in the company, which can potentially be a good thing for the beloved smartphone maker. However, we must keep in mind that several firms have displayed interest to have it amount to merely an inquiry on the financial status of the company with little to show in terms of an actual offer. What does this mean for shareholders?

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How $500 Million in Tax Refunds and a Poor Quarter Are Good For BlackBerry

Yesterday, we reported that Fairfax Financial has submit a takeover agreement to BlackBerry in order to start proceedings for a final proposal and vote. Well in that story we alluded to the fact that another company, Cerberus Capital Management of New York, is looking into our beloved BlackBerry. Feels like we are entering the age of Mass Effect. Love that game. Anyways…

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BlackBerry Going Private a Possibility

Word around the water cooler this evening is that BlackBerry is mulling over the possibility of taking their talents to South Beach. And by South Beach, I mean private. This Lebronian act of business savvy can only translate into one thing: They want out of the public eye. The recent scrutiny into their lack of profit, smartphone sales slump, layoffs, and executive fallout has really put a dent not only in their stock, but their public image as well.

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Seidio Prime Power Case for the BlackBerry Z10

If you’re like me and you love your Z10, the perfect way to treat it is with this beautifully made case by Seidio. The Prime Power Case combines the best of protection and battery power, without adding the bulk that comes along with these types of cases. Frankly, When I felt the weight of the packing as a whole, I was impressed, and thought there was no way a power case could be inside.

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