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Web-developer, BlackBerry theme developer (Amekmani Apps on AppWorld), Business Information Systems honors graduate, techprenuer in Namibia and a huge fan of BlackBerry devices.


MTC Namibia excites with new BlackBerry packages and lower subscription rates

MTC Namibia has announced this morning that effective immediately the BlackBerry Internet Service weekly and monthly subscription rates have been dropped to almost a third of the previous rates. With a catchy advert and tagline “Transform into a social butterfly”, MTC will see an increase in its subscriber base – BlackBerry owners who were not on BIS because of the high rates, BlackBerry subscribers from Leo Namibia (the competitor, my service provider) and new BlackBerry users.

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Study finds BlackBerry PlayBook competitively secure for BYOD

In today’s Bring Your Own Device phenomenon that saw a shift in the preferred mobile platform for enterprise, BlackBerry fell from once being the obvious choice to being the least favorite option. Despite this, BlackBerry maintained security at its core and even though media has discarded the PlayBook as a non-factor in the tablet industry a recent study by Context Information Security shows that the PlayBook IS good for something.

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Readable. Shareable. Accessible. BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek [VIDEOS]

Over an hour ago I sat down, earphones plugged in to watch the BlackBerry Jam Americas webcast. What I expected to be a routine conference, with the usual emphasis on what we already know, turned out to be a sight for sore eyes. From Thorstein Heins’ obvious excitement to the level of detail that RIM has reached in perfecting the future BlackBerry experience, only the next video can make you understand my excitement.

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BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 Beta now available for Linux

Research In Motion is leaving no platform unsupported. No developer will cry foul, RIM is working hard on their end. Now BlackBerry Native SDK tools are available for Linux users. The SDK is available for Windows and Mac users already but just as their approach with BB10, RIM realized that you can’t target one group of individuals, instead cast a net as wide as possible. Download BlackBerry Native SDK 2.1 Beta for Linux

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Mobihand shuts down superstore and developer efforts

I remember when I bought my first BlackBerry September last year, I was super excited about my new phone and equally devastated because App World was inaccessible in my country. Day in and day out I tried the App World app pre-installed on my smartphone hoping it would just work – but no, it didn’t. A couple of search terms later I came across the Mobihand superstore app and the following months were all discovery and fascination as I uncovered the treasures of Mobihand. Today, the superstore has come to an abrupt end, it is no more.

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BlackBerry 10News

Confirmed: BlackBerry 10 full touch and qwerty to be announced together

The BlackBerry community and the world as a whole has not been very forgiving to RIM on the delay of the BB10 launch since word of it came out. A recent interview with Thorsten Heins and Frank Boulben gave a much clearer understanding of why the decision was made to wait. Not only were my recent thoughts confirmed, but my confidence in BlackBerry was reassured. From a product quality, marketing and carrier support standpoint, it actually makes a lot of sense, of course that won’t make waiting for BlackBerry 10 any easier but read through and tell me if it makes sense to you too.

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