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Web-developer, BlackBerry theme developer (Amekmani Apps on AppWorld), Business Information Systems honors graduate, techprenuer in Namibia and a huge fan of BlackBerry devices.

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Web Design Cheat Sheet for BlackBerry 10

I came across one of a handful of productivity apps, specially developed for web application and webworks developers. A reference & editing tool for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript bundled with a wealth of Information, Syntax higlighter, Code Samples, Resources, Code Editors, Documentation, Video Tutorials and Site Feeds. Web app devs spend so much time creating tools and apps for end users, we never take time to arm ourselves with even the simplest mobile resources and tools for everyday use, but CyberBytes Design has a solution.

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Game Review: Speed Hiker for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Besides constantly checking for a BlackBerry 10 update on my PlayBook, I always like to dive into BlackBerry World to check out what’s new. Being the app tester that I am, I can tell you one thing, there are a lot of quality apps being ported to BlackBerry from Android and the gaming experience now being brought by BlackBerry apps is getting more fluid. One game that has caught my attention is Speed Hiker.

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Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team announce partnership with BlackBerry

BlackBerry keeps moving this year as the BlackBerry 10 experience slowly unfolds to the world. It all began with the launch of the much awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices and now BlackBerry has partnered with a formula 1 team. We all saw the superbowl ad and most didn’t get it. BlackBerry showed you everything they can’t do in under 30 seconds. Now they are showing you what they CAN do. Below we have an announcement from the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

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Todd Wood: The man who designed the new BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry faced a big challenge when it wanted to redesign the future of BlackBerry devices from scratch. The flagship device of the new BlackBerry 10 platform needed to simultaneously satisfy what today’s customers want in a smartphone while at the same time stay true to the essence of BlackBerry — it had to be the best of both worlds. One man was tasked with this, Todd Wood.

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Its a new BlackBerry

It’s not just the name. It’s not just the phone. It’s a shift from then to now, a top to bottom makeover. While BlackBerry (ex-RIM) was known to continue advancing in mobile device management security and solutions, many felt that on the mobile phone front they had gotten stuck in time. Under Thorsten Heins’ leadership and a new name, BlackBerry is back, it caught up and it only gets better.

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ooVoo to Launch Free Video Chat and IM Solution for the BlackBerry 10 Platform

I know the concern with most about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system is the number of quality apps that will come with it, particularly multi-platform communication apps, which form the bulk of everyday mobile tools. Well as we mentioned earlier this month that ooVoo will be coming to BlackBerry 10, we have a press release here confirming that they will be releasing an app for BlackBerry 10.

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BlackBerry PlayBook outselling the new iPad?

Last Tuesday, a British electronics distribution specialist Context claimed that the BlackBerry PlayBook outsold the latest iPad during the last two months of 2012. Although this might receive a lot of skepticism, it is important to note that the sales channels monitored by Context make up most of the electronics distribution in the UK, so this serves to give an outlook on the growing interest in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Polarbear App coming to BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

As we get closer to THE date, developers all around the world have started to reveal their final apps that will be available on BlackBerry 10 at launch. One such developer is Andre Weier from Germany who created Polarbear a multi-social sharing app. Polarbear app lets you post to multiple social networks & blogs at once and I had the opportunity to talk to the creator and hear why everyone should be getting Polarbear.

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Decoded: New Samsung Ad Bashes BlackBerry

It seems like trolling is not for the fans alone as Samsung recently released an ad directly bashing the iPhone and especially BlackBerry. The video shows a guy sending emails while watching a game on his Galaxy Note in an effort to highlight the device’s multi-tasking capabilities, that’s great but not when you are appealling to people that get things done. I’d be fired in a heartbeat for watching a game while closing a deal with a high profile client. Check the video and a few more thoughts below.

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More than 1600 businesses register for BlackBerry 10 training

As RIM prepares to unveil its BlackBerry 10 superphones later this month, they have said more than 1,600 North American businesses have registered for a training program for the new handsets and software. Bryan Lee, RIM’s senior director of enterprise accounts reported that of the registered customers, more than 1,000 have already begun using the BlackBerry 10 Ready program since it was introduced in early Decemgber.

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RIM stock rises with BlackBerry 10 Hype

Investors are starting to love Research In Motion. RIM’s stock (NASDAQ:RIMM) jumped more than 10%, briefly passing $15 a share for the first time since February of last year before ending yesterday at $14.95. The launch of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is set to take place at the end of this month, has really sparked interest and optimism in investors.

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