WIN a copy of MORPH- the hottest BlackBerry theme around! It’s YOUR BlackBerry, make it the way YOU want it!!!

Change the wallpaper hues with this screen

Russ of GrayMatterThemes has just released his new theme for BlackBerry phones called Morph. Hamster and I did a long review of it here. It’s a fantastic theme that allows you to customize EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING about the theme!!!! You are the designer!!! Russ has donated 15 FREE copies for BBE members!!!! Post 3 new […]

Morph by GrayMatterThemes: The Last Theme You May Ever Need to Own/Chances to Win one of 15 copies coming up!


Theme Review by Hamster and JayDee Every theme we buy and download to our Berries offers something different  from the last. For some, its a hidden dock, or mini icons, or two, or even three OCD slots. Some allow you to change the banner colors on your home screen to match the wallpaper of your […]

Xapire by Walker Themes for Another Living Breathing BlackBerry Theme

App screen

Ring Walker has done it again. He has innovated and created a theme for BlackBerry phones that uses a gleaming focus icon, and creates a living breathing BlackBerry home screen that scintillates. Xapire creates a whole new user interface. The home screen can show as much or as little as you’d like. You can have […]

Ederra is to Admire; New Theme Adds Functionality and Beauty to Your BlackBerry Phone

Ederra with user selected wallpaper

A great new theme has just been recently discovered on the forums. The theme is Ederra Premium by AG Designs and Graphics. It allows you a clean view of your wallpaper but still manages to pull up a double dock for usefulness. And Ederra does so with style. Click for more pictures and info!

Al3azim has Bridged the Way to A Better BlackBerry Theme

Bridged by Al3azim with user selected wallpaper

Hello again theme mavens! When ‘ole JayDee first started here at BBE she wanted to write about things with which she was comfortable. And naturally, that lead to a theme by Al3azim because JayDee is well acquainted with all of Al3azim’s dozen or so themes. Well, hold on to your hats! Here comes another FREE […]

NAV(igating) Your BlackBerry is a Snap with Pootermobile’s New Theme

Nav apps screen

A new gem coming from TWP (the World of Pooter) called Nav has hit the screens of BlackBerries everywhere! The forum posters are all a gaga over this unique directory-type theme. Still wallpaper-friendly, you can see all your shortcuts up front. Let me show you how it all works! Click for more screen shots!