ATT Bold 9780 Is For Real and For Sale W/ VIDEO! Exclusive

Over recent weeks with the 9780 being picked up by several different carriers, we have seen numerous real and faux models being sold online. The big 3 in Canada have already announced that they are picking up the 9780, with Rogers and Telus having the device already. T-Mobile USA, is set the launch the Bold 9780 on November 17th at a subsidized price of $129.99. USA’s other leading network in telecommunications, AT&T, has been rather quiet on releasing details on the 9780. We know the folks at AT&T are no strangers to pick up the latest bb models, especially with Bold series. In case you forgot, rewind a little and think back to the 9700. Or even track back to the original Bold 9000, Americas fastest 3G phone, remember now?

With AT&T’s Bold record, and this new offer that was found online, it can be hinted that AT&T are attempting to quietly bring the 9780 into their system. On eBay, is offered a 9780 AT&T branded BlackBerry 9780 device. Previous 9780′s sold on eBay have used leaked pictures of the devices, raising big questions for us buyers and BB gurus. This offer however, differs in the sense that they are using a real photo of the device, adding some credibility. The device comes as described as a 9780 should be. It has the black bezel, At&t garnish, BlackBerry 6, and should have a 5mp camera. I looked closely as to what OS is loaded and from what I can see, it looks like it is running v6.0.0.131, which was a LEAKED version that came out about a month ago. More button for photos >>>

The seller explained to Mike that he bought the phone directly off of a worker from Research In Motion (RIM). If true, AT&T has a secret for us. They are bringing the 9780 along side the Torch 9800.  If false, you will probably be getting a 9780 from who knows where, with a bought black bezel, and purchased front at&t branded garnish. His buy it now price is rather steep, at $999.99 with $30.00 shipping. The device is unlocked, sold without contract, and comes in its prestigious box with the stock accessories, charger, 2bg memory card etc. The device is located in the USA, and will be shipped from Irvin, California.

Head here to view the eBay post for an AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9780

click here to view in Mobile

What do you think? Is it for real? Or is this a faux?

 ATT Bold 9780 Is For Real and For Sale W/ VIDEO! Exclusive
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 ATT Bold 9780 Is For Real and For Sale W/ VIDEO! Exclusive


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