App Review: eBuddy XMS for BlackBerry v.1.2

ebuddy xms App Review: eBuddy XMS for BlackBerry v.1.2

Do more than SMS

eBuddy XMS lets you connect to all your friends. XMS users that are already in your phone book are added automatically to your XMS contact list. Better yet, you can link to your Facebook account to find even more friends.

So eBuddy XMS is just another cool cross platform messaging service, but when pitted against the users’ number one messaging app Whatsapp we see what makes it stand out and what its shortfalls are.

Popular Features – Available on both services.

  • Sending, sent & read notifications
  • Customizable incoming message notifications
  • Phonebook scanning
  • Picture sending
  • Emoticons
  • Push notification
  • Block contact

Missing Features/Shortfalls – Available on Whatsapp

  • No group chat
  • No video sending
  • No location sharing
  • Basically file sharing is limited to pictures
  • No user profile view
  • No status message
  • Fewer emoticons

Added Features – Not on Whatsapp

  • Facebook-based profile picture.
    By logging in (connecting through the app) to your facebook account, the app captures you facebook profile picture and uses it as your app profile picture which shows inline with your chat messages:
    xms fb connect App Review: eBuddy XMS for BlackBerry v.1.2
  • Unique PINs like BBM
    These allow you to share your eBuddy XMS contact details without giving away your phone number.
  • Desktop version eBuddy webXMS which allows you to chat with your friends via a computer browser with chat history synchronization from your web browser to your BlackBerry.
  • Add Facebook friends – the feature allows you to scan for facebook friends using eBuddy XMS as you would scan for phonebook contacts using the app.
  • Totally free.

In conclusion, eBuddy XMS for BlackBerry has the potential to be a great app but with a little touch up and more features. Looking forward to reviewing the update, but meanwhile check out the app and try it.

Download: eBuddy XMS

 App Review: eBuddy XMS for BlackBerry v.1.2
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