Now BlackBerry users can work seamlessly anywhere with our new Sync and Protection for your emails, contacts, calendar over-the-air without wires. Seamless and user-friendly over-the-air freedom.

360Sync is a professional all inclusive Sync and Protection service for your BlackBerry SmartPhone, professionals and businesses of all sizes built to leverage and improve mobile solutions. It’s all over air and available anywhere you travel. Mobility in business is no longer an option, wires should not be a limitation and with 360Sync’s wireless sync BlackBerry users no longer need to be ‘tethered’ to a laptop or desktop. Email replies, calendar updates and contacts from a BlackBerry device will all replicate back to your other devices.

Using this service as your central wireless connection, means any device you connect with 360Sync will see a mirror of what you do on your BlackBerry, with the freedom of adding more devices at no extra cost.

BlackBerry Sync is available as a free add-on feature to any 360Sync Office 365 account. 360Sync takes care of the management and administration, so you don’t have to. Individuals and teams can be up and running with BlackBerry wireless mobility right away; no installation or work required to get started and it is designed to be intuitive – so new users can become expert users in no time.


Try their free 30-day trial with no-obligation today: 360Sync Office 365