This just in. SirJes, a good friend of mine over at CrackBerry just posted the SDK downloads for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30.

Whilst this is just an SDK OS, which is a stripped down version of an Operating System, the good news coming out of this is that we now have a working radio to go along with the leak that dropped a few days ago. Anyone wondering when they can make phone calls can now do so once we get our hands on the radio files for each model.

If you fancy downloading the SDK OS and splitting the OS:









Don’t worry, as soon as I get the radio files, I’ll be sure to post them on this post. If you fancy doing it yourself, download the appropriate link and split the autoloader using Darcy’s Tools.

p.s. I’ve only posted the links for the Z10 and Z30 models which did not have a full leak earlier on. This is for the people that wish to split the OS and sideload a working radio for themselves along with letting the people know that the SDK OS is now available for all devices. Remember, if you’re not a developer, you might want to stick with the build and avoid installing entire OS. The links above are for people who wish to split the autoloader themselves and etc.




Source: CrackBerry Forums